International Women’s Day is today. In our country the month of March is also Women’s History Month. Regardless of your current political views or perception on the state of women in our country, these both matter to every woman in and should be cherished. Why? Because we are women and we matter. That statement isn’t about mattering more or less than someone else either. It isn’t a competition, it is a statement of fact. Whether you feel that your rights as a woman in our country are respected and protected or at jeopardy the fact that we are women and we matter is something we can all agree on. Historically though it is something we have had to fight to make known.

Women who fought for our right to vote or count as citizens in America mattered.

Women who fight or have fought for America’s freedom and continued safety in armed forces and law enforcement matter.

Women who serve in our government or in the courts matter.

Women who work from CEOs to minimum wage or less matter.

Women who stay at home matter.

Women who birth children and do everything they can in the best interest of their children matter.

Women who struggle with physical or mental health issues matter.

Women who have chosen to not be mothers matter.

Women who sit strongly by as their children struggle with physical or mental health issues matter.

Women who have lost a child or struggle with infertility matter.

Women who are finding the courage to mother in the midst of war, violence, and devastation matter.

Women who are protecting their children every day in some way matter.

Women who are mothers, daughters, sisters, cousins, wives, and friends matter.

Women, regardless of their race or ethnicity, across our country matter.

Women who feel safe in their rights as a woman matter.

Women who feel their rights are at risk matter.

Women who have few or no rights matter.

Women across the globe matter.


Photo Credit :: Laura Morsman Photography

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