Ashlee Krause

Ashlee Krause

Hello again, Austin mamacitas! I was a contributor for AMB not long after it was born, but took a break around 2 1/2 years ago when I had my 4th and final babe. I’m baaaaack!!

I have been married to my best guy for almost 12 years, together for 15. We have had our fair share of bumpy roads in the journey of marriage but there is no one I would rather travel that road with than him. He is my rock, makes me laugh every single day, and still sweeps me off my feet on the reg. We have 4 absolutely wild and hilarious boys. The youngest is near potty training and the oldest began his journey into the teen years last year. I am always accepting prayers and happy thoughts…because 4 boys. And because age ranges of almost 3 to 13. Bless. 

We live in Cedar Park and absolutely love it! The village we have surrounding us is priceless, we love our people. The ‘burbs is where we belong until these boys are out of high school, then we would love to move to our land. Being close to Austin is a must for me, I absolutely LOVE the ATX!

A glimpse into who I am and how I roll…I am a nut, I am sensitive and passionate with my emotions, I am stubborn as all get out and sassy to boot, I thrive in the midst of organized chaos, I overthink things, am a little OCD and a control freak (insert anxiety), I am a foodie and total nerd over all things healthy. I am a hippie/crunchy/natural mama that still lets her kids (and myself) indulge in processed crap that tastes good but isn’t actually food. I love my essential oils. Traveling is one of my favorites, whether it is a getaway with my love, or as a family, or with girlfriends, it is good for the soul.

My husband and boys would quickly agree that I am a no nonsense mama. My southern roots run deep because manners are non negotiable, whether I
birthed you or you are a friend of one I birthed. It is yes/no ma’am, please and thank you in my house. I also have no problem acting a fool in front of my kids or their friends. A healthy dose of “my mom will embarrass the holy hanna outta me/my friends if I/we get out of line” will work wonders.

I am a proud member of the Junior League of Austin and just recently started my own charity, Sunshine & Smiles, to help homeless children in our local school districts have a happy birthday. My husband and I have a deep love for helping people and hope that we are passing that down to our boys. I am also on the board of a fantastic non-profit organization called Worlds Okayest Moms and help admin their Facebook group, it is so wonderful seeing mamas build each other up and support one another.

I am excited to be joining the AMB team again!



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