“Spring is the time of year when its summer in the sun and winter in the shade.”  – Charles Dickens

Spring has sprung!  It started peaking its little head out back in January.  I definitely have a love/hate relationship with this Texas weather.  Born and raised in Texas and still getting used to the day to day changes.  The heat will be upon us soon, however, for now, we can enjoy the milder 70s and 80s during these Spring months.

So in Spring, my thoughts venture to all the wonderful colors that nature sprouts here and there.  It is the time when you start to see birds gathering twigs for their nests, you hear lawn mowers in the wee hours of the morning cutting that bright green grass, smell the sweet grape jelly scent of mountain laurels blooming, and feel that cool early morning air.  Spring is here and it’s time to start fresh and get rejuvenated for all the new life beginnings that come along with spring.  (Anyone counting how many times I have said Spring???) 

In the midst of redoing our small eating area turned office area, I decided I wanted to make a new front door wreath or just add to what is there.  You know when you are frustrated re-decorating one area then you just leave said area and move on to another area.  An area where you can show people that you are kind of put together because you have a new Spring wreath on your door!! Wink, wink! 

diy spring craft moss letter

Alright, so down to business. 

Here is how you make this incredibly simple DIY spring craft: a moss letter (aka moss covered wood letter)


Items Needed:

  • Mossy Mat Peel N’ Stick Moss (you can find this at Hobby Lobby or Joanns and probably even Michaels, there are a lot of different kinds of moss however I have found this is the easiest to use.  It is one of the more expensive ones, however, I suggest to use your weekly 40% off coupon at Hobby Lobby)
  • A wooden letter of your choice (you can also use a canvas one)
  • Sharp Scissors
  • Rust-Oleum Paint & Primer in Moss Green
  • Optional: Setting Spray such as Modge Podge clear coat spray or Krylon crystal clear spray paint



  • Spray paint the letter especially if it is white.  You can ignore this step however I highly recommend it because it can peak through the moss and then the back is a similar color.

  • Choose an area of your house that can get messy because this moss is messy or just do it outside.
  • Lay out your moss sheet upside down on a flat surface and place your letter upside down on top of the back of the sheet. Make sure to leave the paper on the back on. It is very very sticky.  The paper on the back has grid lines which make cutting the shape of the letter out a lot easier.
  • Either use a pencil to outline the letter on the grid lines paper or just eyeball it. Make sure to leave a little bit for the sides, top and bottom of the letter.
  • Start cutting out the shape of the letter. Then go ahead and peel off the back of the moss sheet.
  • Lay the letter right side down on the sticky part of the moss, press down, and start folding up the sides. If your letter has curves, then you may need to cut different size pieces to cover the entire letter.  When I made an A & B for a friend’s wedding shower, the B was a little challenging however still simple enough. The moss sheet is 18in x 18 in.


  • Now, turn it around and make sure your moss is covering all parts of the letter… Just touching the moss makes it fall off so be careful handling it, however, the pieces can be added back to spots that look sparse by spraying some glue on the spots and place the loose moss on top and press down.
  • Last but not least, you can put stetting spray on top to set the moss in place. Honestly, I ended up just spraying the spray glue across it to help set it. 🙂





There you go!  Easy Peasy.  Phew, with 8 listed directions it looks like a lot but it truly takes 10 – 15 minutes after the paint dries.

Try this for a simple addition to any décor inside and out.  I placed it on my front door over a twig wreath.  The moss is such a vibrant green and there are multiple looks of moss that you can purchase and use.



How are you decorating for Spring this year?








Abigail Head
Abigail Head is a native Texan living in Central Austin with her hunky husband, Chad and their two strong willed rugrats. Their 6 year old son, Teak, is a true walking miracle and a strong force to be reckoned with. Sloan, their spunky firecracker and 2 year old daughter, is a fearless monkey on the playground. Abby loves chocolate, antiques, being creative, authentic people, and lots of coffee! She has been in the real estate business for over a decade however these days keeps busy wrangling her two little redheads and tries to find time to do something else she loves, write. Follow her and her family's shenanigans in the little squares on Instagram @theheadhouseatx or her little blog www.theheadhouseatx.com.


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