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 anniversary gifts

Life has a way of making us think we have all this time, right? And then suddenly you realize tomorrow’s your anniversary, and you end up sneaking off to Walgreen’s in the middle of the night like you’re the fourth member of PJ Masks to grab a card (as the cashier snickers). Then you find yourself frantically pulling through the drive through at Dunkin Donuts so you can surprise your darling husband with breakfast and look like you had this whole thing planned for ages. The Midnight Walgreens and Dunkin scenario is to be avoided at all costs. We can do better!

 Here are some Anniversary Gifts, Austin-Style: 

The Foodie

  • Whether your partner identifies as a “foodie” or just likes to dine out, take him on an Austin Eats Food Tour. You can hit up top-rated local spots and sample anything from BBQ to food trucks to tacos with a trusty tour guide to give you insider info.
  • If your partner has hopped on the Kimchi train, he might love this idea. This fermented Korean condiment is loaded with gut-healthy probiotics. Most of us would just buy a jar, but true foodies tend to enjoy the creative process as much as the end result.

 The Music Lover

  • Surprise him with a night at the stylish and historic Hotel St. Cecilia. “Created in honor of the patron saint of music and poetry, the Saint Cecilia takes inspiration from the great era of the late 1960’s and early 1970’s when a revolution of rock and roll and beat poetry overran the hallowed halls of established convention.” 
  • Take it to the next level and book your stay to coincide with a show at Austin City Limits Live at the Moody Theater.

The Athlete

  • Do a Tough Mudder together! Get dirty and cheer each other on. The Central Texas event is coming up in May, but you can also register for the Dallas or Houston events that are later in the year.
  • Plan a day date at the AMAZING Austin Bouldering Project. Seriously, this place looks incredible, even for beginners.
  • What Texan wouldn’t love a personalized collegiate Yeti for tailgating?
  • Or go for a custom Rambler. Can you ever have too many? Methinks not.

The Artist

The Outdoorsman

The Crunchy

  • Treat him to the ultimate in farm-to-table dining at Eden East. “Guest dine al fresco at community tables situated under a majestic Elm tree”. Dinner is available Friday and Saturday and breakfast is Saturdays only. BYOB!
  • A healthy new hobby, perhaps? This kit includes everything you need to start home brewing Kombucha. There are ingredients to brew first batch, equipment and culture to brew for a lifetime. 

 The Techie/Nerd/Geek

  • I had input from my very own real live nerd for this one! Drones are basically the coolest toy ever for grown men.
  • Indulge him with Marvel Avengers bedsheets (yes, they actually come in king size)…
  • And then just when he thought he couldn’t love you more, make him waffles in the morning with his new Star Wars Death Star waffle maker.

The Alcohol Enthusiast

  • The Austin Winery makes handcrafted wines with grapes from vineyards all over the US. They make wine approachable and the tasting experience fun and comfortable. No snobbery here!
  • Spend the weekend in a romantic villa at Barron’s Creek Vineyard. Enjoy some time together in the tasting center before exploring other wineries and charming downtown Fredericksburg.
  • If wine is not his thing, head out to the Deep Eddy Distillery in Dripping Springs for tastings and a distillery tour (by appointment) 

The Car Guy

Race a Lamborghini Superleggera. I cannot think of one man who wouldn’t lose his mind for this over-the-top experience. We better get a turn, too!


What is your favorite Austin-style Anniversary gift?  


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