Mother's Day gift ideas

Mother’s Day is just around the corner, and there’s no time better time than the present to find the perfect gift for the hard-working mommas in your life! Here’s a cheat sheet with some unique ideas if you are stuck asking for or giving a mom in your life the perfect gift. 

Here are some Mother’s Day gift ideas: 

For the Gourmet Mom:

She loves to cook and host. She is always trying new things in the kitchen and would love a new gadget or food experience. She’s a foodie at heart!


A total splurge gift, but you can’t beat this blender. It is the Bentley of blenders. If she’s a cook, she will adore this thing. 


This is the new-age electronic pressure cooker that will take her experiments in the kitchen to a whole new level. You can pressure cook, slow cook, cook rice, saute/brown, make yogurt, steam and warm. The insert is lightweight and non-stick for easy clean-up (that’s a bonus for you, since you will be cleaning up after she cooks, right?)

Ina Garten cookbooks

I fell in love with Ina when I received one of her cookbooks as a gift. The books are beautiful and her simple elegant recipes are some of my all-time favorites. 

Subscription to meal service like Hello Fresh or Blue Apron

This one might be good for a busy mom that likes to cook but doesn’t have the time for all the planning and shopping. All the ingredients show up fresh to your door, and you just throw it all together with step-by-step recipes for gourmet dinners in a snap! She will certainly appreciate the dinner stress relief! 

Cooking Class 

There are a wide array of cooking classes out there- perfect for any level of cook. Central Market and Sur la Table have great class line ups. If she loves baking, Make it Sweet has some fun options to hone her decorating skills. 

For the Stylish Mom:

She is always put together and loves to accessorize. She is beautiful no matter what, but fun new clothes or jewelry really puts a smile on her face. 

Honeycomb Baby Goods

This local jewelry brand is completely run by one Austin-Mama! She designs and creates beautiful and stylish necklaces and jewelry for Moms, as well as other teething accessories for babies. (These products will be displayed and on sale at our upcoming Bloom event – can’t wait!)

Comfy & Chic Boutique 

This clothing boutique is also run by two amazing Austin Moms who love to find and feature gorgeous and comfortable clothes for all Moms! They sell beautiful and SUPER comfortable dresses, tunics, graphic tees, and accessories online which any Mom would love to receive. They’ll be selling at our upcoming Mom’s Night Out on May 3! 


LuLaRoe by Stephanie Peterson

You are probably living under a rock if you haven’t heard of LuLaRoe. You can’t go wrong with their whimsical, stylish, and super comfortable outfits. Check out Austin Mom Stephanie Peterson‘s page for great outfit ideas and tons of beautiful options! (Stephanie will also be selling at our upcoming Mom’s Night Out on May 3!! Don’t miss out on the chance to try on clothes and shop without kids in tow!)


Noonday Collection Jewelry

This jewelry company not only has gorgeous stuff, but it also empowers women and families across the globe by creating sustainable jobs in impoverished communities. It’s jewelry with a story, and she will love how eclectic, stylish, and trendy it is as well!

Mommy and Me outfits

Beautiful Chaos is an adorable and local etsy shop that makes mommy and me pocket tees. Check out the gorgeous spring prints or matching tees for your favorite sport teams. (My boys and I love our Cubs tees!) This is perfect for the momma who loves coordinating outfits with her kiddos! 

For the New Mom:

She’s expecting a baby or just welcomed one! Maybe its her first baby or maybe she has several kiddos, but either way she’d love to receive blessings as she is working hard to care for that new one!

Special Addition

This local Austin boutique carries maternity clothes, great options of nursing clothes/bras, adorable baby clothes and tons of SUPER helpful new baby accessories for Mom and baby too. Anything in here for a Mom with a new baby would absolutely be a huge help! 

Mommy & Me Photo Session

Inspired Images by Jerra Photography offers great local photo sessions for New Moms (and any Austin Moms!), as well as family and newborn sessions. A special photo session will produce fun memories and of course the pictures to last a life time! 

Lily Jade Diaper Bag

This is a splurge, but this local diaper bag company has amped up the diaper bag game quite a bit. These gorgeous bags come in leather that will last well beyond diapering years- which is fine because she will want to use it forever! They sport convertible straps and a super handy removable diaper caddy. She will love carrying all the baby things in one of these beautiful bags. 

For the Sporty Mom:

She loves to run, workout, get outside, and be active. She gets excited about the latest running shoes, a great jogging stroller, and all the fun accessories. 

Disclaimer for this category- Things could take a bad turn if you give her a gym membership and that’s not really her thing. This list was made with the already sporty mom in mind. 😉

Hydro Flask/other great water bottle

One of my friend’s hubbies personalized a water bottle for her with her sons’ handprints- something so simple made a table full of moms tear up when she opened it. Thoughtful details go a loooong way, my friends. (The Hydro Flask is available on Amazon and you can grab one at HEB too!)

Garmin Watch/FitBit/other heart rate monitor 

This one would be probably something she specifically has mentioned or researched. Do some digging to decide if this is something she could use for her runs/workouts.

Sweaty Bands

You can’t beat the non-slip magic of a “sweatyband” headband. This a cute gift to be from the kids. They come in all sorts of patterns and widths and are available through Amazon as well. 

Cooling towel

As the summer heats up having one of these babies to keep you dry and cool is so nice!

BOB jogging stroller

This is a definite splurge, but if she runs with a baby in tow, she needs one of these bad boys. Their handling, weight, and sleek design can’t be beat. Check out the Duallie if you need a double!

Airrosti visit

Send her for a little recovery with a visit to Arrosti. They will treat her sore muscles and help her stay lose and healthy! 

For the Crafty/DIY Mom:

She is creative and artsy and appreciates beautiful things. She will find joy in pieces to make her home beautiful or delight in a new project. 

Personalized Stationary

Who doesn’t love something personalized? Check out this gorgeous stationary from Jean and Josie or help her put her stamp on everything with a custom stamp from Yellow Bess. 

Growth Chart 

These chic growth charts from White Loft will be perfect for the sentimental mommas. 

Fun pens

I know this may seem simple, but if she is a true creative she will adore these pens. They are oh so fine, and come in gorgeous colors- a simple but delightful gift!

Erin Condren planners

Also to go with the pens, Erin Condren makes whimsical and beautiful life planners. Help her keep her busy life organized with colorful and personalized details- she will love the stickers too! (so fun!)

Pretty home decor or prints

Check out J+O designs for some truly lovely printables with inspirational scripture and quotes. They also have great jewelry holders. Little Moon Dance will make you a personalized family portrait, which is sure to melt her heart. 

For just about ANY Mom:

She is the heart of your family. She cares for everyone and all the details of your lives. She kisses the owies and wipes the tears. She is always there for a word of encouragement, a hug, and a reassuring sense of home. She gives more of herself than even she knew was possible, and she does it all because she loves her family more than anything. Her mom status is not always glamorous, it is not always recognized, but it is the greatest joy and honor of her life.

Some pampering

A mani/pedi, massage, blow out or spa day may seem cliche, but most moms I know always enjoy these activities. (I do have a few friends that hate massages, so check on that.) I think us moms love these pampered moments because they a) do not involve children of any kind, b) we get to sit still for longer than 5 minutes, and c) it is quiet. The pretty toes, hair styling and relaxed muscles are just a bonus.  Send her a gift certificate for a hair styling at BLO as they have locations all over Austin to make her feel as beautiful as she truly is! 

New sleepwear or panties!

Every Mom wants desperately to be comfortable while she sleeps, if she gets to sleep much at all these days.  The amazing underwear, sleepwear, thongs and bras from Mad & Mac are an all-time AMB favorite! 

A Trip

I admit this is a bit extravagant for Mother’s Day, but my friends and I just “happened” to plan a girls’ weekend the weekend of Mother’s Day this year. (We will be home by Sunday morning for the actual day.) Is it a little funny that our idea of celebrating our motherhood means getting away from our kids? Probably. Do we care? Nope. We will come back to our families rested and restored. Everyone is happy if momma is happy. #amiright?

A Whole Date Night Planned Without Her Help at All

Nothing is more romantic than a surprise date that is completely executed without her help at all. You get the sitter, you choose the restaurant with her in mind, you even get tickets/plan activities that she will love… It doesn’t have to be fancy because she will love the thoughtfulness more than anything.

A Whole Day of Not Being in Charge

This one is basically free! Being a mom is stressful, so to have a day that she can sit back and let someone else take care of business is a true treat. Bring her breakfast (or take her out), do the chores, dress the babies, let her binge watch Netflix, read a book she keeps putting aside, or do whatever brings her happiness… but don’t ask her for help! Find the baby’s blanket all by yourself, make the bottle, put the kids down for naps… keep your cool and handle it. You can do it and she deserves a breather- if only for a day. 

Happy Mother’s Day to all the mommas out there – you really do make the world go round! Well done and cheers to you!!


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