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I remember the days when I could drink a little wine, ok wait, it wasn’t wine, it was tequila, and it wasn’t a little, it was a lot; and end the night with a few slices of pizza with the girls and then still get into my two piece bathing suit and lay at the pool the next day looking pretty darn good.  Those were the pre-baby days.  The days when my boobs were perky because of genetics and not milk.  The days my hips totally were in proportion with my waistline and when I found the time to sleep, eat right and workout consistently.  

Fast forward to motherhood, and it’s a new ballgame.  I haven’t slept well in almost 3 years.  I eat chicken nuggets on the reg, I reward myself after a long day of toddler negotiating with chocolate, and well, hormones.  Hormones from growing a baby, nursing a baby and everything else that happens to your body when you push a baby out of it.

Working out got way tougher as I started to navigate my days around nap times, teething fits, playdates, story times and a kiddo who didn’t want to be put down for 18 months.  

But, mamas, let me tell you something. Working out has saved me. It has saved me from the sleepless nights, and the loneliness that motherhood sometimes brings. It gives me energy when I don’t think I have any left. I feel strong, and able and sometimes superhuman. In the epic words of Elle Woods from Legally Blonde, “Exercise creates endorphins! Endorphins make you happy.  Happy people don’t kill people.”  I mean really, they don’t.

And let’s talk about the benefits for  your body! It’s new right? It might be squishier than you remember. Mine totally is.  And maybe your hips are wider? Yup, mine too. And even though my stomach is flat, I swear when I bend over there is skin I don’t remember having just hanging there.  But, this body? This body built a human.  And this body was built to raise this human intentionally. And through exercise, I honor this body. I don’t punish this body for what it ate the night before, or for not looking like it used to, I exercise because motherhood takes strength, physical strength. We need endurance to keep up with our littles. We need strong arms and backs and shoulders to nurse babies, carry toddlers, get them in and out of carseats and shopping carts. We need strong legs to walk up and down stairs with our little ones napping on our shoulders. We need strong cores to support the constant bending over to change diapers, and  pick up toys and dropped pacifiers. We need strength for motherhood, and it is entirely possible to have a body, that you adore after motherhood.

There are a number of classes in Austin, that are made for you mama. That understand the body after baby and that are meant to give you the body you want, and then body you need.

Here are 20 of our favorite spots for postnatal fitness:

Fit4MOM: Stroller-based bootcamp and barre style workouts that you can do WITH your little one.  Locations all over Austin. 

The Little Yoga House: Mommy and me yoga classes for babies, toddlers and their mamas.  2 locations in Austin. 

Tribe: Fitness and Wellness Studio that provides childcare, and barre and strength classes for mothers. 1 location in Austin.

The Barre Code: A barre studio offering pre and postnatal classes for mamas and mamas to be. 1 location in Austin. 

Bee Cave Fitness24-hour gym setting, that offers “mommy makeover” fitness programs. 1 location in Austin. 

MOD Fitness: Their motto is “you work your booty, we’ll watch your cutie!” Kids can go from ages 6 weeks to 6 years. They also offer on occasion barre classes where you can wear your baby. 2 locations in Austin

Barre3: Most classes offers childcare in their kids’ play lounge. 4 locations in Austin (Mueller location coming soon!). 

Life Time Fitness: Incredible childcare for kids (think bubble machine and iPads) and plenty of classes for you to choose from. Plus cool off in the pool afterward with your kids. 2 locations in Austin. 

Dancer’s Shape: They offer a “graceful” beginner barre class that is a slower and modified version of the original. Great for post C section mamas. 1 location in Austin 

Pure Bikram Downtown: For $8, babysitting is available during the 10am class Monday, Wednesday and Friday. 

Camp Gladiator: Does a CG fit program where you do a nutritional component as well as an outdoor bootcamp. Children are welcome — being family-friendly. Locations all over Austin. 

CG Arena: Monday through Saturday, the gym location of Camp Gladiator offers a Kids Zone )fun activities and games while you work out)  from ages 6 months to 12 years. They can play for up to 2 hours per day. 1 location in Austin. 

Anytime Fitness: With crazy newborn sleeping hours, Anytime Fitness lets you work out at any time — with locations in pretty much every neighborhood through Austin. 26 locations in the Austin area. 

Girl Power Fitness: Personal training and small group classes focused around empowering women to be their best selves. 1 location in Austin. 

Ballet Austin: The well-known dance studio offers a 4-week Babywearing Barre & Pilates Mat workshop offers a blend of ballet barre fitness and Pilates Mat core conditioning to help new moms get back into shape while bonding with their baby. 1 location in Austin. 

Breath and Body Yoga: Offers Power Vinyasa classes with childcare available for purchase. Held Monday and Wednesday at 10:00 AM, only at our Exposition location. Children 18 months to 12 years old. 

Trotting with Tots: Walkers,  joggers, and runners can join putting that fancy stroller to good use. Routes all over Austin. 

Austin Area Birthing Center: If you happened to have given birth at AABC, postnatal yoga classes are all included with your birthing fee and you’re welcome to attend as many of these three times a week classes as you like!

Yoga Yoga: From bringing your baby in postnatal classes, classes allow mothers to practice yoga in a supportive, community environment. Expect to gradually build strength back up in your body as you progress. Babies and toddlers are often incorporated into the practice through interactive exercises and also stories and songs.

Fitness Connection: Only $10 a month AND it includes childcare. There are classes that includes Zumba, BODYPUMP, and kickboxing.

Take time for you mama. Sign up for a class or two and find something you love. Honor this new body of yours. 




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