DIY Teacher Gift

I have always made a point to try and spoil my kids’ teachers, they have a job that I do not envy. Bless them! With the end of school, let’s look at some fun and cute ways to treat those teachers without you working too hard. {insert a huge thank you to all those pins on Pinterest!} It’s time to do some DIY teacher gifts!

Everything I do for our teachers can be found on Pinterest in some form or another…I copy plenty of ideas, then do a spin off on others. I LOVE finding free printables on there because well, it is just so dang easy and cute! Honestly. I think things like this can be done as easy as possible, still look adorable, and not take forever and a day to do. Mamas are busy busy people, we don’t have time to super-mom some crafts. Or at least I don’t. HA.

One of my favorite ideas from Pinterest is the “Thanks a latte”…I have made it in the Starbucks cup, filled with brown crinkle paper and a starbucks gift card and it turned out super cute. This year I bought cute initial mugs from Anthropologie, added some tasty tea bags, tied on my printed label, and BOOM. Done.

Every year I also give my kids teachers Sharpie markers. I have a nerdy love for Sharpies so I share that love with them. I also love a cheesy saying, so the “Thank you for making us Sharp” (or any variation) is just too cute. This year I just tied the label on the package of Sharpies, but in years past I have also put the markers in a mason jar and tied the label on that way and it turned out cute too. This year I wanted extra simple.

A new thing I did this year was the “Needles to say, you’re a great teacher” and I am putting them with succulents. What?! Super cute, huh! Yes. Succulents are all the rage these days and I have a newfound love for them. Mostly because I love a plant that is hard to kill, for 2 reasons. 1. I don’t have a green thumb so plants with me are risky. And 2. I love a challenge. Tell me a plant is hard to kill because it requires nearly nothing and I am up for the challenge. (I have already lost a couple so there.)

I also plan to get them donuts and just write on the box (in Sharpies of course) that “We ‘donut’ know what we would do without you”…so super easy but tasty. Who doesn’t love a good donut?!

It’s time to spoil those teachers for a job well done this year. They certainly deserve it!


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