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Now that the temperature is rising and summer is virtually upon us, the kids will be begging to go swimming. While there is no shortage of swimming pools or water parks in the area, it’s sometimes hard to find the best one for your child’s swimming ability. 

Here are our picks for best Austin pools: 

If you have young ones that can’t swim and you don’t want the frills of water slides or diving boards, the following pools are great choices.

Wading Pools (for Babies, Toddlers and Preschoolers)

Deep Eddy Pool

Don’t be fooled by the “Deep” in Deep Eddy Pool, as the deep part is roped off. It is popular with the younger crowd because of the sizable shallow wading pool with beach entry and it is not chlorinated (no burning eyes, momma!). It is also fed with clear, cold water from a well so the temperature is refreshing.
Bartholomew Pool is fantastic for the younger kiddos that can’t quite swim. Not only do they have a wading pool, but it is also mostly covered by a large tarp. Hooray shade!
Little Stay Wading Pool is a great choice for your younger kids. Not only is it right next to a perfectly shaded park, but part of the pool is shaded by large trees as well. 
West Austin Wading Pool is another great choice for a no-frills way to cool off. It’s situated right next to a park, so your littles can work up quite a sweat before cooling off in the mid-size circular pool. 
This is a great family pool located in the Wells Branch area. The best part about this pool is that it has a dedicated baby pool with an enclosed fence to keep your escape artists safe. The baby pool also features a horseshoe sprayer. 

This is yet another awesome pool for the young ones because there is a decent-sized shallow wading pool specifically for the pre-swimmers. It’s also conveniently located off of Burnet Road in north central Austin.

Dottie Jordan Pool

If you live close to Dottie Jordan, it’s a good place to go for cooling off. It’s not as big as some of the other baby pools in the area, but would be good for babies and young toddlers. 

Garrison Pool

Garrison Pool has a great wading pool for the younger kids. Last time I checked, it was also separated from the regular pool by a gated fence so there was zero temptation for the youngsters to jump in the big pool. 


If you have adventurous kids that prefer the fun of waterslides, diving boards or waterscapes, here are some great choices. Note that most pools have rules about height and/or swimming ability before riding a waterslide.

Pools with Fun Water Features (for School-age Kids & Up)

Lakeway Swim Center

The Lakeway Swim Center is actually great for all ages, as it has a beach entry and a small frog slide for the younger kids. For the older kids there are also lily pads in the pool and large waterslides. 

Veterans Memorial Pool

This pool is one of my favorites as it has a large zero-depth “beach” area and water playscape with a huge dump bucket. This could be a bit daunting for the toddler crowd because the splash bucket can be pretty intense. There’s a mid-depth area for older children, as well as a tall dive platform and a drop slide.

El Salido Pool

This is an amazing pool for all ages and definitely provides some excitement for the older children. There are two diving boards– one that is a 3 meter high dive! There’s also a large water playscape in the toddler pool area. 

Scott Mentzer Pool

Located in Pflugerville, this pool is a hit for all ages. For the older, taller, and more adventurous, there are waterslides. For the younger non-swimmers there is a water feature in the middle of the shallow end. 

Barton Springs Pool

One of Austin’s favorite swimming holes, Barton Springs is a great choice for school-aged kids and older. The water is a tad chilly (usually a constant 68 degrees) but it is a super way to cool off on hot days. There is also a diving board for those feeling a little more adventurous. 

Bartholomew Pool is great for all ages as it has a wading pool specifically for the pre-swimmers. It also has 2 water slides and a lily pad crossing for the older kids.

Located in Round Rock, this pool is one to put on the summer bucket list. Micki Kresbsbach Pool features a pirate ship, crate walk, and large slide. Don’t miss the pirate ship– it’s a 26 foot long and 23 feet high water adventure! The ship includes wet and wild climbing angles, 2 slides and water cannons.


Make sure to check the pool schedules before your trip as most of the pools are closed once during the week. Other than that, lather up the sunscreen, stay hydrated, and have fun!


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