fatherhood means to me
This post started as an abbreviated bio. Hi, my name is Patrick. I got into the brokerage business right out of school. Made and lost a bunch of money. Set goals. Decided to be like Dad and wait till 40 to have a kid. Met wife. Decided to have kids sooner. Kid came. 
That was about it. But that is not what fatherhood means to me. Fatherhood means to me so much more than having a kid(s).
My experience has been contrary to what I was told would happen, courtesy of the numerous unsolicited opinions I was blessed with during my wife’s pregnancy. Each one dug me in a little further. “I’m going to make this work – and I’m going to enjoy it,” was my attitude. 
Well – wow, did I underestimate the good stuff.
Fatherhood is Maximara lighting touching my face with the backs of her fingers when she wants me to fall asleep in bed with her as I tuck her in; as if it will work (she remembers it from infancy, I’m sure of it – I used to stroke her cheeks with a feather, or if I couldn’t find it, a piece of toilet paper – it worked wonders)
It’s when she comes running to me, tears streaming, after Rambo the Frenchie nipped her fingers because she teased him a little too much with a piece of cheese.
It’s hearing her say “Bug Daddy. Big bug.” when she sees a beetle or spider in the garage or outside.
It’s hearing her ask Mommy for “Daddy-Pig” while I’m working in our home office; and feeling a twinge of sadness that I can’t run out into the kitchen and play with her on the spot.
It’s relieving my wife – whenever I can – in any way possible – to keep intact the integrity of our family unit.
It’s getting up at 4am to get to the gym, or running the extra hill. Not just for the immediate health benefit or to offset that steak or porter – but to maintain and exercise discipline that makes good habits easier to maintain – so I can live longer – so I can be with my family, longer.
It’s those extra 10 calls, at the end of a long day, when I’m fried – so I can provide.
It’s being pleased and proud of the path I have chosen; being content and excited about my circumstances. It’s being fulfilled, bursting with purpose, and maintaining perspective and humility.
Fatherhood has changed everything and I wouldn’t trade it for anything.


  1. This is touching. It really shows that there are so many things about being a parent in general and I think thats what being a mom or dad is really all about. Thank you so much for sharing.


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