summer checklist

For a few years, as a family, we have created a list that we want to conquer over summer. Last year I switched it to over the whole year, but we still do the bulk of it during summer. We all love it! The kids get so excited to mark something off the list. We all contribute ideas and some are repeats because we love them so much.

I am not the mama that creates a full schedule for my kids daily during summer time. They do some camps and we are busy, but I LOVE and cherish the lazy days at home too. I believe in them being able to entertain themselves all day at home. Our family checklist gives us a fun way to have outings randomly over the never long enough summer break.

I have a chalkboard hanging right by the stairs and use a chalk pen to write out our list, then we use regular chalk to mark the stuff off. When friends visit they love looking at our list, we’ve gotten some good ideas that way too!

Here is our 2017 summer checklist…

  • Peter Pan Golf
  • Barton Springs Pool
  • Cameron Park Zoo (one of our faves!)
  • Juan in a Million Tacos
  • Fiesta Texas
  • Build a treehouse
  • Dinosaur Park in Bastrop
  • South Lamar murals
  • Steam Train
  • Make popsicles
  • K1 Speed
  • Capital
  • Botanical Gardens
  • Take dogs to dog park
  • Great Wolf Lodge
  • Jellystone RV Park
  • RAOK (random act of kindness..this is on our list multiple times)
  • Beach trip
  • Congress bats
  • Prank a friend
  • Swim in the creek
  • See the Amrstrong’s
  • Snow cones
  • Go camping
  • Take an out of state trip
  • Go swimming
  • Eat ice cream
  • Sleep on the trampoline
  • Go fishing
  • Gordough’s
  • Home Slice
  • Hike Barton Creek to Twin Falls
  • Eat at Uchi
  • Dinosaur Park at Glen Rose
  • Frio River
  • Boat ride
  • Take the train downtown
  • Snow cone tour!
  • Schlitterbahn
  • Go hiking
  • Put puzzles together as a family
  • Top Golf
  • Watch fireworks
  • Lake trip
  • Camping in the camper
  • Sleep in a tent
  • Water balloon fight
  • Ice cream sundaes
  • Sleepover with friends
  • Big Top candy store
  • Go to the movies
  • Nat’l Championship Lacrosse game
  • MLB game

A few of my “Mama” list items have to do with my New Year’s resolutions that life has just been so busy with 4 kids that I haven’t had time to conquer them like I planned so far. So I will make a much bigger effort over summer to get it done. My personal list is:

  • a trip with my love
  • meditate daily
  • get much better at yoga
  • read 12 books
  • one on one dates with each of the boys
  • overnight date with Hubs including a spa visit and pool time

I am hoping maybe you get some fun ideas from our lists and that you’ll share your ideas too! Hooray for summer vacation! I love having my boys at home and not having to turn on the alarm every morning. Blissful.


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