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Listen. I’m not about to pretend like I’m some expert at parenting because let’s be serious – with only one little one who just turned two, how can I be? But one area where I consider myself to be among the world’s leading experts: Researching how to make my life easier.

When I was pregnant with my daughter, Maximara, everyone and their mother thought it would be fun to tell me how hard parenting was going to be — how I wouldn’t get any sleep — how I’d need constant help.

The more I heard how hard it was, the more determined I became to make life with a new baby a breeze. While I knew I couldn’t control my baby’s temperament, I knew I could control how prepared I was, and that is half the freaking battle mamas.

I put together a list of some of my favorite “baby hacks”…a list for new baby help, which all new moms need to know. Bookmark this post or heck, email it to yourself, print it or even memorize it. Trust me!

    1. The First Poop. Of all of the advice and unsolicited chatter I have received about being pregnant and the early days with baby, not one person told me about those first baby poops. And no they aren’t out of this world disgusting, but they are pretty strange. Like, “did my baby just poop black tar?” strange. To help clean up the sticky mess put a little coconut oil on your baby’s booty which will provide just the right amount of moisture to (more) easily wipe it away.

    2. 60 Second Rule. Your baby will make noise while sleeping and probably a lot of it. Before rushing to their bedside to pick them up wait 60 seconds or more to see if the crying or fussing subsides. Babies can cry and fuss in their sleep, it’s totally normal. You don’t want to run in there to pick them up, which will fully wake them up, if you don’t have to. In our house we call it “the pause” (also referred to in several popular sleep training books) and we swear by it.

    3. Layer The Mattress. There will be those moments in the middle of the night your baby either has a poop attack or throws up all over those pretty clean sheets. Nobody, and I mean nobody, wants to be fighting a crib sheet in the middle of the night. Solution? Layer your mattress: waterproof sheet, crib sheet, waterproof sheet, crib sheet. So when whatever gross mess happens in the middle of the night you can just shed the two top layers and go about your night. Easy!

    4. Motion Detector Night Light. There will be plenty of times you will be in the nursery changing diapers and feeding your little one in the middle of the night during those early days. We wanted Maximara’s nursery to be as dark as possible while she slept at night, which meant no ‘all night’ night light. To make those night feedings a breeze, we installed a motion detector night light that would go on when I entered the room and turn off after 10 minutes. It was one of those simple life saving products I couldn’t go without.

    5. Zipper Pajamas or Gowns. Whoever invented those pajamas and onesies with one trillion snaps clearly didn’t have a baby, or at the very least never watched one. No one has the time or patience for all of that jazz, especially in the middle of the night. The zippers are super easy and the gowns are even easier for diaper changes.

    6. Onesies. And if you end up using traditional onesies know those shoulder flaps are there for very good reason, not just so you can get it over your baby’s head. They allow you to roll the onesie down your baby from shoulders to feet just in case there is a poop explosion. You don’t want to be lifting the poop up and over the baby’s face – no, just no.

    7. Zipper or Velcro Swaddle. Swaddles are all the rage, we all know this by now. And if you don’t, you will soon learn. But what’s even better than a swaddle blanket that requires skillful mastery, are these swaddle contraptions that are as simple as one zip or velcro tab. Keeps your baby snug as a bug and saves you a lot of time and frustration.

    8. Stock Up On Vinegar. In combination with baking soda, vinegar is a great solution to naturally get rid of stains – think clothes, rugs and couches. Vinegar can also ease pain and prevent blisters if immediately applied to a burn. Both of these natural remedies will help you from baby years on.

    9. Mist Spray Bottle. We all know how hot cars can get in the summer, and you know what gets even hotter? Car seat buckles. OUCH! Keep a spray bottle in the car to spray the buckle before attempting to get your baby in the car seat. We don’t want any baby burns! Spray some water on the hot components and the evaporation will quickly cool the metal and plastic.

    10. Baby Monitor App. If you are a traveling family, go ahead and download the Cloud Baby Monitor on your iPhone. This app in combination with your iPhone and either an additional iPhone or iPad will become your baby monitor while on the go. We have used several times and it’s a breeze.

    11. Hot Glue Bath Toys. If you are anything like me, you like to keep your distance from mold, just one of those things I never want to deal with. Take a hot glue gun to the holes in your little’s bath toys to prevent water from getting in and yes you guessed it, mold!

    12. Crib Sheet Meets Pack and Play. While out in the yard, place a crib sheet over the top of your pack and play to prevent baby from getting eating alive by mosquitos and other pesky bugs.

    13. Sleep With Baby’s Blanket. During your last weeks as a pregnant mama, sleep with your baby’s blanket. When you are ready to give it to your baby it will have your smell on it and provide comfort to your little one.

    14. The Magic Glove. If you find your little one is in need of constant comfort while sleeping on their own fill a glove with beans, pat baby’s back a few times with it during their crying fit and then leave on their back. “Mom’s hand” will give them the comfort they need to go back to sleep.

    15. Spray Bottle + Diaper Changes. We’re all doing our part to eliminate unwanted waste, right? To cut down on the number of wipes used during diaper changes keep a water bottle at your changing station and with a couple spritzes it will make diaper changes easier, less harsh and less waste for mother nature.

    16. Dog Pee Pads. These are great to throw in your diaper bag for on-the-go diaper changes. I also use them on our diaper changing pad to protect the pretty cover.

    17. Keep It On Ice. For my formula feeding mamas, make a couple bottles for overnight feeds and throw them in a big bowl with ice. Place them in your baby’s nursery so it becomes a grab and go situation allowing you to (hopefully) climb back in your bed sooner post feeds.

    18. Shared Google Document. In the early days with baby your pediatrician will ask you track the volume of milk your baby is consuming and number of wet and poopy diapers throughout the day. My husband and I shared the responsibilities of feeds/diapers so we used a shared google document to track our daughter’s activity. It also was one of those simple life saving hacks we couldn’t have lived without.

    19. Lightweight Car Seats. Choose a car seat that is light in weight. In the beginning you will find your baby will sleep a lot and usually that sleeping will occur in the car seat. Which means you will soon become that mom schlepping a car seat and baby on her arm. With all the other stuff you may also need to carry it will help you with life on-the-go if your car seat isn’t one trillion pounds. We used the Nuna Pipa and loved it.

    20. Diaper Changing Ritual. This applies to babies that are just a tad older than newborn status, but I simply can’t skip it. Create a diaper changing ritual that gives baby something to look forward to/be distracted by while you/Daddy are changing your little one. My husband, who had longer than average hair at the time, used to drag his hair gently over our daughter’s face as he was changing her saying “Daddy’s got hair, Daddy’s got hair!” and tickling her face. To this day that phrase brings a smile to our daughter’s face, even 2 years later.  When she was younger, it was such a cute way to keep her smiling while he was changing her. 



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