iPad mom

When I think of childhood summers, I remember endless boredom and my mom telling me to go outside with my sisters. Well, “just watch a movie on the iPad” is my version of go outside. And I don’t feel bad about it.

I spend oodles of time playing, reading, and snuggling with my daughter. But like legions of parents before me, there are times when I need a break from the tiny tyrant currently inhabiting my precious toddler. Nothing makes her take a deep breath and stop freaking out when the dogs won’t let her put makeup on them quite like, “Do you want to watch Frozen?”

I know, I know, I’m coddling her. But right now, she’s not even two and our communication groove is still in the works. My intention each day is to wake up and do my best to love her, take care of her, and do what feels best for her. As an example, I’ve never been into routines or schedules. Yet since becoming a mom, I run a tight ship to make sure she gets that afternoon nap. My husband and I also try to tackle parenting by putting in our best player in the right moment. When she wants arts and crafts – that’s all me! Paint everywhere including our hair is heaven. Playing in the park? That’s all my husband. Mainly because I spend the whole time in a panic – gasping and flinching with each stumble to the slide.

We do those things to make sure she feels our love and our patience. When we’re short on the patience or in the completely wrong environment (i.e. the grocery store) – we’ve been known to give in.

Enter today! Our dogs (it’s always our dogs’ fault) wouldn’t eat the “food” she was making in her kitchen. She really does work so hard. I get it, it hurt her feelings and it didn’t match her expectations. She’s quite particular that one. A full on meltdown ensued. The doctor, parenting “experts,” friends, they all say the same thing – distract her! My goodness, did I try to distract her – with food, a drink, a hug, a toy, etc. RIP to all the goldfish thrown across our house by her after an attempt to distract her.

When she throws those goldfish or hits one of us, we put her in a short time-out. But most of the time, like today, she’s just caterwauling because she can’t communicate why she’s so upset and I can’t communicate it’s going to be okay. I feel bad putting her in time-out during those latter times. So the iPad for kids it is. Yep, I’m that mom, the “Here have some goldfish, it’s okay to cry, you’re right, don’t worry we can watch a movie” kind of a mom.

Any others out there?




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