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How many times have you heard “drink all of your milk so you can have strong bones”?

Maybe you have even said it yourself. Dairy products, such as milk and cheese, are full of calcium to help build strong bones. If supplemented with vitamin D, this will help with the absorption of calcium and other bone-building minerals to keep your children and their teeth happy, healthy and beautiful! 

There are many risks for people who are not receiving the correct amounts of calcium and vitamin D. Some people are known to encounter the risk of gum disease. Without having the right vitamins and minerals, your teeth are weakening which makes them more susceptible to tooth decay

Lone Star Pediatric Dental and Braces and the American Dental Association understand that everyone is not into dairy products, but there are many other Non-Dairy, Calcium-Rich Foods for Your Teeth that you can add to your child’s diet. These can include green, leafy vegetables such as broccoli and collard greens. Even almonds, juices and cereals are enriched with calcium, leaving you and your child with many different options for building strong bones!

When it comes to vitamin D, your best source is waiting for you outside – the sun! Remember the hazards of too much sun. Be smart and take precautions. Just like calcium, you can find foods that are “fortified” with vitamin D. You could also look into vitamin D supplements.

You should consult your Pediatrician or Pediatric Dentist with any further questions or concerns. 


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