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I never thought I would get so excited to sing a song with the lyrics “roll that little ball round the room.” Two years ago, it would have been a song that made my eyes roll. We love music in our house but the lyrics tend to be more along the lines of “ball so hard.”

When my daughter was born, I was in search of an activity we could do together that would allow her to interact with other babies and me to interact with other moms. My husband is a musician and music is always at the forefront in our home. When I came across tuneBugz!, it seemed like the perfect activity for us to partake in. 

I never could have imagined how important tuneBugz! would become. When my daughter was six months old, it was something to look forward to each week–something that got us out of the house each Wednesday. Those Wednesdays soon turned to milestones in her development. It was a way to interact with my daughter and to experience the joy of her interacting with other kids. As she grew, I saw her experience the songs we sang in different ways, from smiling to clapping, and now, at two, to singing. It was during tuneBugz! that my daughter took her first steps to retrieve an instrument during free play and she still darts towards the instruments when the teacher dumps them in the center of the room each class.

The Music Together program encourages parent bonding, child development, and social engagement. It has fostered our child’s love of music and we have grown to love the Music Together albums as a family. Sometimes I think we enjoy the songs more than our daughter as I watch my husband skip around the house with her on his shoulders singing “see the pony galloping galloping gently down the lane.”

Our two year old has grown up in tuneBugz! and we have watched her classmates grow up by her side. tuneBugz! offers classes for ages 0-7 including a babies only class and classes for older kids. Classes are offered on both weekdays and weekends in South and Central Austin, Round Rock, Leander, and Dripping Springs. Join the tuneBugz! Austin community with a free demo class this fall. Sign up here! We’ll see you up on your dancing feet.

tuneBugz! Information

tuneBugz! offers the very best experience in early childhood music education from birth through 2nd grade. It’s no secret that Austin knows their music – and tuneBugz! offers the research based program that Austinites LOVE – the Music Together
® program!   tuneBugz! provides developmentally appropriate exploration of music and movement with registered, experienced and engaging teachers. Unlocking a child’s musical gifts is EASY for parents and caregivers in this program because tuneBugz! provides a musically rich, accessible environment for early learners packed with lots of exciting instruments & movement props. Children are also afforded the freedom to choose their participation level so no need to worry about those wiggly new crawlers or walkers who love to explore the room.

The Music Together program was created in 1987 and introduced to the public at the Center for Music and Young Children in Princeton, NJ.

Music Together’s early childhood music education program recognizes that:

  • All children are musical.
  • All children can achieve basic music competence (defined as the ability to sing in tune with accurate rhythm).
  • The participation and modeling of parents and other primary caregivers, regardless of their musical ability, is essential to a child’s musical growth.
  • Young children’s musical growth occurs best in a playful, musically rich, and developmentally appropriate setting, free of formal instruction and performance pressure, where learning activities are accessible, interesting, and fun for both children and adults.

Classes offered at tuneBugz!

  • Mixed-age (0-5)
  • Babies Class (birth to 8 months)
  • Rhythm Kids (4s & 5s)
  • Rhythm Kids (5-7)

Fall Demos/Free Sample Classes

Preceding each semester tuneBugz! offers a week of free sample classes happening at each of their 5 locations.

Free Demo Week runs:  Sept 5th through Sept 9thRSVP HERE to sample a free class at a location near you!


  • Central/East Side at tuneBugz! Music Studio (5811 Berkman Dr. Suite 107)
    Days/Times: Weekday and weekend mornings & after school 
    Classes offered: Mixed-ages (0-5), Babies Class (0-8mo) & Rhythm Kids (4-7)
  • South at Balance Dance (4544 S Lamar Blvd – Building 300)
    Days/Times: Wed, Thurs and Sunday mornings 
    Classes offered: Mixed-ages (0-5), Babies Class (0-8mo)
  • Oak Hill/Dripping Springs at The Butterfly Garden (10802 Kit Carson Drive/Nutty Brown Rd.)
    Days/Times: Thurs, Fri and Saturday mornings 
    Classes offered: Mixed-ages (0-5)
  • North/Round Rock at The Dance Spot (900 Round Rock Ave)
    Days/Times: Wed, Thurs and Sunday mornings 
    Classes offered: Mixed-ages (0-5), Babies Class (0-8mo), Rhythm Kids Level 1 (4/5s)
  • Leander at Taekwondo Training Center (304 Hazelwood St)
    Days/Times: Wed, Thurs and Friday mornings 
    Classes offered: Mixed-ages (0-5)

Fall Schedule

Fall semester will run 10 weeks from Sept 10th to Nov 19th
Bongos collection will be featured for Mixed-age & Babies Class
Kangaroo collection will be featured for Rhythm Kids

Fall Fees

The cost of their 10 week session is $255 for the 1st child, just add $150 for the 2nd child, and the 3rd child in the same family is free. Babies younger than 8 months may attend classes with their enrolled older sibling for free. Unlimited make-ups for missed classes.

Enrollment Details

Enrolling in a semester of Music Together® at TuneBugz! gives your family:

  • 45 minutes of joy that you will look forward to each week!
  • A chance to create lasting friendships through their supportive community.
  • An inclusive educational environment for all early childhood ages and stages.
  • A respectful and supportive environment for your child’s learning style.
  • A flexible make-up policy so you don’t have to stress on those days when class just won’t work.
  • A culturally rich and developmentally appropriate set of take-home materials (audio cd & download, songbook, online music zone, app for phone or tablet).


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