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Ever since my daughter’s first professional haircut at age 1.5, I’ve usually struggled with going to the typical kid-centered hair cut salons for regular haircuts. Instead, I opted to either cut my kiddos’ hair myself at home, or take them to the same salon that my husband or I go to. The kid-centered places just didn’t impress me with their ability to actually really cut the hair in a stylish way but they seemed to just be able to provide very basic haircuts that weren’t worth a $20 payment. Between that, the long walk-in appointment lines, and the hectic kids’ music, toys and decorations everywhere, these places just weren’t my cup of tea. I’d only go if we were in a pinch and needed a quick trim for a family event or pictures or something.

But recently my son’s hair was getting just unruly, and family pictures are coming up soon, so I made an appointment at Cookie Cutters Haircuts for Kids. First of all, I really like that they are appointment based, like most hair salons. While they do accept walk-ins, they prefer appointments. (Me too!)

We went to the Round Rock location, where the stylist today really did a perfect job cutting his hair MUCH shorter but still leaving it styled and longer on top like I specifically asked. Even better, the place was clean and peaceful inside, no toys cluttering the room, no loud music, but tons of amenities for kids without being hectic at all. I loved how clean and quick the whole process was, and my son loved the whole experience overall with a balloon and lollipop to take home.

What also really got him excited even from the outside was the fact that he could see they have an indoor playground inside the salon right through the front window! And then he also found a creative coloring table, the fun car-shaped chairs to sit in and that each chair gets their own TV with the option to watch whatever they want on Netflix! You can imagine a very happy 3 year old in that spot of course.

I also personally really loved how the owner, manager and the stylists all seemed to value customer service, introducing themselves, chatting with me and sharing with me about the various options and fun events they have at their salon. They don’t host birthday parties (as they said it becomes a distraction for their regular customers who just want hair styling services) but instead they do reserve spaces in the salon for special events like “Braiding Classes” where they’ll teach how to do special braid up-dos, or “Hair Care 101” where they’ll show parents how to improve hair hygiene for their kiddos. The staff really seemed to want to serve the community as a resource for parents instead of just a place to get a kids haircut and they have an active local Facebook page for this purpose. 

Cookie Cutters Haircuts for Kids has 3 locations nearby – Round Rock, Pflugerville and Sunset Valley. All of the locations offer a loyalty program, a first-cut package, bang trims, braids/up-dos, shampoo/styling services, etc. all with veteran staff that have been trained with the Autism Society of Texas, and have a focus on great customer service overall. I look forward to taking my daughter next time as we’ll need to sign up for that loyalty program I’m sure!

Let them know you’re an Austin Moms Blog reader and you’ll get $3 off a kids haircut on your first visit! 

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