stylish daughter

I’ve loved fashion for as long as I can remember. In the early 90s, I wore bandannas as belts, vests over everything, and combat boots with sundresses. I hoarded used Vogue magazines under my bed and kept a journal predicting fashion trends. I even had a fashion talk show for my stuffed animals.

Flash forward to 2015, I found out I was having a daughter and dreams of a mini-fashionista flooded my mind. Deep down, I knew I couldn’t force a love of fashion onto my daughter. Mine grew out of my parents’ nurturing mantra to just be me. So, I played it cool early on especially since her acid reflux ruined almost everything in the beginning. But now, her personality and preferences are starting to bloom. And, low and behold, I have a stylish daughter — more stylish than me.

Henley’s unafraid to wear what she wants. She layers her denim vest over half her wardrobe and styles Converse with midi dresses. Her ease and confidence are enviable. Perhaps, my favorite thing though is watching her try to mimic my outfits and feeling such pride in what she puts together. She uses my black sports bra to get my black crop top look and the other day we ate cupcakes while she donned one of my wide-brimmed hats. It was adorable.

It’s also a good reminder of how much she looks to me for approval and how everything I do is cool. So while I’m basking in the days when I’m still hip – I’m thoughtfully aware of the power I have to influence her personality and preferences. In the meantime, she’s teaching me to rock my looks with a smidge more confidence and strut.

Here’s some of her greatest hits…

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