Christmas Pictures From the Mack Family!

Laura Morsman has been photographing our family {and our Austin Moms Blog family} for 5 crazy years. I know everyone loves their photographer, but hot damn, I like really really love Laura. She’s the real deal & incredibly talented.

We take pics with Laura quite a bit throughout the year for various occasions, but Christmas photos are always my favorite. She’s documented some pretty major milestones in my life, but holiday pics are one of the few times all 5 of us are in the pics + we send them out to all of our friends and family during the most magical time of the year…Christmas! 

I feel like a lot of moms in particular stress over family pics – surely I’m not the only one. 

There is certain colorful language that happens during a photo shoot that includes words we are prohibited from writing, but let’s just say, it’s a spit show — read between the letters peeps :). Inevitably someone falls asleep on the way there and then wakes up cranky pants with hair all wild and disheveled. For this year’s pics our littlest monkey decided she thought it was cute & funny having nothing to do with her family. Instead she only wanted Laura – the photographer – to hold her – during 90% of our time together. Throughout it all, Laura doesn’t skip a beat and has a unique calmness and energy about her that is simply put, infectious. 

I will say, however, that we picked THE PERFECT venue for pics this year! Having graduated from the University of Texas, I knew of some pretty cool spots on the campus. I didn’t want our pics to be an ode to UT or even look like we were at UT, but if you know the campus at all, it’s clear that’s where we are at. And I love it! The architecture and history of the campus is absolutely gorgeous.

Thank you, Laura for nailing another year with our crazy clan. You make us look so good and put together.

Learn more about Laura’s crazy talented self right here!

To see some of our favorites, here they are for your viewing pleasure. It was tough to pick out the Christmas card this year for sure. 


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