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Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree…this time of year is the most wonderful, a little stressful and a little calorie filled, however, we all love it.  Yes, even the Grinches and the Scrooges secretly love it if only for the yummy treats and drinks at holiday parties and family get togethers.  We have every excuse in the book to gorge ourselves with creative and delicious sweets and beverages if we choose to do so and let’s be honest mamas…we choose to do so more often then we maybe should.  Our mental states as moms sometimes need to indulge a little on something that might put us on the naughty list right underneath our kid’s names.

With all that being said, here are some cookies and cocktails (and other sweets) for the whole family to enjoy.  Some of the treats you can even make with your kids (insanity warning) and then have the adult ingredients ready to splash up for your enjoyment or for your holiday party.  Obviously, drink and eat responsibly, please.

Please tell me you have heard of scrumptious Chocolate Crinkles?  These chocolate cookies are so good and remind me of my childhood because my mother, a chocoholic, loved making these.  The powdered sugar top reminds me of snow…similar to the snow day we just had here in Austin…a little snow on top of the dark ground.

Chocolate Crinkles

Cranberries, vodka, sparkling rose, yes please. This Jingle Juice Holiday Punch sounds light and slightly sweet and its beautiful pinkish color stands out against the dark red cranberries you can add as a topping or in your ice cubes!

Jingle Juice Holiday Punch

Who doesn’t love a good batch of chocolate and peanut buttery chow?  With a mixture of holiday m&ms and salty pretzels, you will not go wrong with this Reindeer Chow.  It makes a great gift packaged in a Christmas tin.

Reindeer Chow

Now treat yourself with this incredibly cute Santa’s Hat Christmas Cocktail. Seriously, this could not look more like the jolly bearded man as a bright red cocktail with a sugary coconut rim – looks just like his Santa’s suit.

Santa’s Hat Christmas Cocktail

Rice Krispies, marshmallow fluff then brownies…what what!  Just melt some colorful chocolate over the top and these Christmas Brownie Rice Krispie Treats will do exactly that…treat your family and friends!

Christmas Brownie Rice Krispie Treats

The North Pole Cocktail not only has a perfect name however its smooth and chocolatey with the sweetness of molasses, ginger and Kahlua that make this a fabulous Christmas cocktail treat.

North Pole Cocktail

And who doesn’t love a little Kahlua in our truffles?  While sipping on your above cocktail you can bite into one of these Kahlua Chocolate Truffles. Truffles are so super rich and super easy to make when all you have to do is melt a little of this and mix a little of that.  These contain a little Kahlua that will just enhance the chocolate flavors.

Kahlua Chocolate Truffles

Here’s another creamy cocktail that will knock your socks off.  Ever freeze coffee in ice cubes then add it to your morning cold brew? Well, instead make a little Bailey’s & Vodka Whipped Cream drink to awaken you at the end of a present wrapping day.

Bailey’s & Vodka Whipped Cream with Coffee Ice Cubes

A holiday treat that is semi-healthy for your holiday party.  Greek yogurt, cream cheese and powdered sugar make a beautiful snow white Christmas Cookie Dough Dip great for dipping fruit slices or gingerbread cookies.  

Christmas Cookie Dough Dip
Holiday Cranberry Mule
Pomegranate Honey Moscow Mule

The Moscow Mule is still understandably popular as a fun, different cocktail so try out these fruity versions that are more in line with the holidays.  Non-alcoholic ginger beer already has a great spicy kick to it that makes you feel festive inside.  Cranberry and orange make this Holiday Cranberry Mule taste like Christmas.  Also, try out Pomegranate Honey Moscow Mule for another tasty Christmas drink.

These days are oh so Merry and Bright with our littles.  Being a mama during the holidays can be more stressful trying to finagle teacher gifts, kid’s wants versus needs as well as family personalities and dynamics.  Try out one of these treats or cocktails at home or a holiday get together and they were melt all your troubles away if only for a split second.  




Abigail Head
Abigail Head is a native Texan living in Central Austin with her hunky husband, Chad and their two strong willed rugrats. Their 6 year old son, Teak, is a true walking miracle and a strong force to be reckoned with. Sloan, their spunky firecracker and 2 year old daughter, is a fearless monkey on the playground. Abby loves chocolate, antiques, being creative, authentic people, and lots of coffee! She has been in the real estate business for over a decade however these days keeps busy wrangling her two little redheads and tries to find time to do something else she loves, write. Follow her and her family's shenanigans in the little squares on Instagram @theheadhouseatx or her little blog


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