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It’s something I know for sure came from my side of the family tree… hair. Lots of it. So, in just over his two little years of life, my son has had plenty of experience in the haircut department and we’ve tried a handful of places. There may or have may not been a time when I had one too many glasses of wine and tried to take matters into my own hands and cut his hair. I wouldn’t recommend it. I’ve found it’s best just to leave it to the professionals – a few of the places in town even have reward cards! One tip to keep in mind, is that we’ve had experiences where the barber has insisted that kid’s wear the “cape” before the haircut. This can be tough on little ones who don’t want to feel covered up, so consider practicing with a towel or sheet before heading into the barber’s chair. 

Here’s a list some of the best places to get the best haircuts for your kids in Austin: 

Cookie Cutters – Haircuts for Kids :: This place was incredible. My son got to play in the mini-jungle gym at the front of the store while we waited. He chose the vehicle he wanted to sit in (we went as soon as they opened), picked his favorite movie and at the end when he started to lose his mind…. they turned on a bubble machine. Hands down the best, cleanest, kid-friendly place we’ve used. He left with a balloon in hand, and a really good looking ‘do.

Floyd’s :: My husband’s favorite place to take our son for his haircut is Floyd’s, because daddy can get a hair cut too. If you go to the Brodie location, you have the added bonus of getting a milkshake at Mighty Fine Burgers afterward. It’s a laid back atmosphere, the barbers are all professional and accommodating for toddlers. Bring snacks, queue up something on YouTube, and you’ve got yourself a great kid’s hair cut place.

Cool Cuts for Kids :: We’ve also checked out this kid-friendly haircut place for his first official haircut. They did a great job at being accommodating to my then, 10-month-old, and sent us off with a cute little “first haircut” certificate.

Birds :: You may not think of Birds when you think of kids haircuts, but this is where I took my son after the “mommy is going to try to cut your hair” incident and they fixed him right up. Another AMB contributor has also had great experiences with her toddlers. Some of the locations have a cool, retro arcade game in the front which is perfect for older kiddos waiting their turn. 

Sharkey’s Cuts for Kids :: If you live up north, families love to go to Sharkey’s. One mom says they even have a handheld gaming system for kids to play with while they get their haircuts. On top of being a clean, professional place, they employ skilled barbers who even blow bubbles.

Snip-its :: This bright and colorful place offers great kid-friendly services. When you walk in the door, you are greeted with a sing-a-long Snip-its song and at the end of your haircut you can pick out a prize! There’s a special chair for mom and dad right next to their little one to help keep them calm and comfortable (at least for a while). 

K.A.O.S Kids – Children’s Hair Salon :: Kids are their specialty and they offer kid-friendly chairs and videos. They’re loaded with toys and books, and recommend that you make an appointment before arriving. As a fun side note, they have been VIP stylists at the world’s largest kid’s styling party at the Nickelodeon Kid’s Choice Awards in Los Angeles, California since April 2011.

We know there are a ton of other great places to take kids for haircuts… Please share with us where you like to go!


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