Hello! The name’s Jaki Milakovic and I’m a new mom to my beautiful daughter, Madison, who we call Madi. After 5 years of trying to conceive, she graced us with her presence in April of 2017. 

Until I was 22 I had lived my entire life in my border town of Laredo, TX with frequent trips to my dad’s hometown in Mexico. Then I met Zane, the winter loving, sci-fi and video gaming geek of my dreams. We met in May of 2010 in ATX and 7 months later we were hitched! We’ve moved several times, even spending a few years on the East coast. I learned how to navigate through crazy winter storms and realized that I love snow (in moderation). In 2014 we settled back in the city that started it all!

In addition to Madi we have 3 pups, Adama (Battlestar Galactica reference), Atari, and Cookie. They are our fur babies and we are so grateful to have rescued them. They are thankful for their warm beds, huge backyard, & plethora of toys. Madi is lucky to have such an eclectic group of siblings who simultaneously love and avoid her. 

I’ll be honest, I thought I had this whole life and mom thing figured out when Madi was born. I’d worked hard to obtain two masters along with my Human Resources certification.  The plan was to be that super cool working mom that my mother and my grandmother were before me. I realized two months after returning to work that I couldn’t cut it. While I love being home, I’m still learning how to cope with this change. 

Instead of working on HR technology, my days now consist of finding and attending fun activities for Madi and I so we can get out of the house. We are reading and re-reading Harry Potter (and other books), having mini dance parties in our living room, looking for new places to hike, and gatherings where we can make new friends. 

While Madi is napping or playing I work on my blog, binge watch shows, and brush up on my gaming skills. Let’s not forget the endless cleaning, mountains of laundry, and meal planning. So grateful for the internet and it’s endless supply of recipes! Zane and I also try to factor in a little bit of ‘us’ time every day.

Please indulge me for a minute while I geek out on you. I was sorted into Gryffindor, but I’d ask to be placed in Slytherin, yes the reverse Harry Potter. Snape is my favorite character alongside Darth Vader.  There are probably 3 Lion King shirts currently hanging in my closet alongside my Fortnite shirt. Our family theme song is  ‘Suit & Jackets’ by Judah & the Lion. If I could choose which era to live through as a teenager it’d be the 80s. It would be amazing to see the rise of fandoms, video games, and computers first hand. I’m always up for discussing and learning about new or old shows, books, movies, games, music, etc. 

Writing has been a hobby I’ve always done but never shared with anyone. Now that Madi has come into our lives I have so much to say and share! Becoming a mom has been everything I’d hoped for and is incredibly terrifying/amazing. I look forward to talking with you about my crazy, wonderful, exhausting, and nerdy life! 

Jaki was a mom working in the HR field turned to stay at home mom for two years, turned back to working mom, back to stay at home mom. (Whew!) She now spends her days trying to be the best mother to her daughters, Madi (4/2017) and Gwen (5/2019), while squeezing in relationship time with her husband, Zane. Their 3 rescued pups complete the crazy family. Together they live right on the border of Austin & Pflugerville. She loves Harry Potter, sci-fi, hiking, reading, being a vegan foodie, traveling, learning more about the HR field, figuring out how to homeschool the Montessori way, and writing about her adventures. Check out her blog at https://medium.com/nerdy-together


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