Valentine’s Dayyet another over-glorified Hallmark holiday. You may roll your eyes at extremely overpriced delivered roses (raising hand) or at the Valentine’s cards and candy you’re expected to buy for class (do they still do that?loved that as a kid), but the fact is that I just don’t think Valentine’s Day is going anywhere. So instead of joining the cynical cheerleading club (normally me), maybe we can just embrace the modern day Valentine’s by celebrating more love! It doesn’t even have to be the mushy kind. Just more love, in general, this Valentine’s Day.

On that note, these are a few things I love on Valentine’s:

I love my husband and son. I personally will forever be a fan of Valentine’s. Met my husband on Valentine’s Day ten years ago this year, and conceived my child sometime around the date too. Two of the biggest loves of my lives. If I wouldn’t have celebrated singles Valentine’s that fateful college night, I wouldn’t be where I am today.

I love date night. Even more so now with a kid. And you know there are never enough date nights with a kid. We’ve made Bob Schneider at ACL Live an annual Valentine’s tradition, and I look forward to this night away every year. I also look forward to quality time with the #1 man in my life, my husband.

I love quality time. It doesn’t matter what you do, Valentine’s is a good excuse to do something. Whether it’s a singles night out with your girlfriends or a movie on the couch with your hun and kids, it’s nice to step away from our daily routine to have a little fun.

I love chocolate. Though I never expect it on actual Valentine’s, I don’t complain when sweets show up at my house. As long as it’s the good stuff 😉 My grandma used to always make me homemade chocolate covered strawberries for Valentine’s – the best.

I love flowers. But not those overpriced delivery bouquets that die in like two days. And not necessarily red roses. And I don’t need a vase. I love the basic bouquets from HEB, and I’m happy to arrange them myself. Fresh flowers are welcome for our house any day. 

I love good food. Whether it’s eating out or cooking dinner at home, it’s really nice to skip the express meals and enjoy some quality, tasty food. We do something different every year, depending on the mood.

I love saving money. Ha! Gifts for me are not needed or expected ever on days like this. I just want some basic love and attention! And if we are spending money, I’d rather it be on something memorable. (Ok, and I wouldn’t turn down Godiva and hydrangeas if they showed up too.)

I love memories. I already mentioned our meetaversary, my grandma’s chocolate covered strawberries and our annual Bob Schneider night out. Memories last foreverdoesn’t have to be fancy or elaborate.

“I love you.” Who’s your personyour mom, dad, brother, sister, husband, best friend, kid? We don’t say “I love you” enough, and I love every single person in my lifemy friends, my family, my dog, my neighbors, my community, the list goes on. If there is one thing we can take away from February 14, it’s more of those three words.

Embrace it. Own it. Love it. Happy Valentine’s Day!

Kendra Germenis
Kendra joined the mom club in 2016, followed by the #boymom club in Summer 2019. Kendra loves to write, and for AMB, enjoys sharing her new parent experiences, tips, and general love of Austin. For her, life is a balance of spending quality time with her family, pursuing her program management career, and still soaking up life and adventures. She also freelances through her art and design shop, Kitsy Co. Assorted loves: art, date nights, culture, road trips, Bravo, breweries, chocolate, house remodeling, sunshine, live music and patios.


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