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There really is no “season” for lice but we do notice more outbreaks at certain times of the year –
back to school and winter and summer breaks! Shared cubbies, hats and plain old head to head
contact spread those pesky buggers. Here are some tips on how to prevent lice and a couple more if
it’s already too late.

1. Be Informed
Google photos of lice and nits (lice eggs). You need to know what you’re looking for! The lice are very
small – smaller than the head of match. And the nits are even tinier.

2. Check, Check and Re-check
Now that you’ve seen them, check your kiddo’s hair weekly. Break out your glasses or even a
magnifying glass if necessary. Also, be watchful for those tell-tale signs – itchy scalp, red spots on
scalp or rash like bumps on the back of the neck.

3. It’s Ok to be Selfish…
…with your coats, towels, brushes and hats. Teach your children to avoid sharing these items and to
store them away from others.

4. Keep it Clean
Sterilize brushes and combs often. After sleepovers, either away or at home, wash and dry all
bedding using the hottest setting.

5. Preventative Products
Add tea tree oil to your shampoo or buy one that has it. Otherwise, use a preventative spray that
contains same.

6. Keep It Up
Keep long hair off of the shoulders. Buns are best, but braids are good too!

7. It’s Too Late
Use a FDA approved lice removal product that contains either Pyrethrins combined with piperonyl
butoxide or Permethrin lotion, 1%. These products are available over-the- counter. Follow directions
exactly. Alternatively, see your pediatrician for prescription, Sklice. This will eliminate the lice
overnight! You’ll also want to sterilize or wash in hot cycle all items that came in contact with your
child. Those items that can’t be washed, bag up and seal for 2 weeks.


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