In terms of Craftable Holidays, Easter is a definitely a favorite for me. I have two little (girly) girls, and when you combine fluffy bunnies and pastel colors, well…what’s not to love? This year we decided to make burlap bunny banners to add to our Easter decor. Once you have gathered all of the supplies, this is a really quick and simple craft.

All supplies for this craft either came from my own (embarrassing stash or Hobby Lobby (with 40% off coupon, obviously)

Here is what you need to make an Easter craft, your own Burlap Bunny Banner: 

Burlap – you can cut a rectangle, or you can buy a roll and cut the desired length. 

Craft paint – we chose white, but you can make your bunny any color you’d like

Sponge – we used this craft sponge with a handle. 

Wooden Dowel 

Yarn  – You don’t need much.

Plastic table cloth or small drop cloth 

Hot glue gun (and glue)


Bunny stencil

Start off by deciding how large you’d like your bunny banner to be. We used a roll of burlap, so the width was predetermined and I found a 12-inch dowel to match. I cut my burlap to a 15-inch length, but there is no exact science to this. Just be sure to leave about an inch or two at the top for your dowel. 

Next you will create a bunny stencil. There are a few ways to do this. I googled ‘bunny silhouette’ and found this shape, there are so many to choose from. Print the image and cut out the center. (I actually used a Cricut cutting machine for this part, but in my pre-Cricut days I would just use small scissors to cut out the middle.)

It’s time to prep your table. I always have little craft helpers, and because of that, I always have plastic tablecloths. (Tip: stock up at Dollar Tree!). The paint will bleed through the burlap, so just make sure you have something underneath it. 

Place your stencil on the burlap and tape it down.  Next, take your sponge, dip it in the paint and begin to stipple it on to the burlap. Less is more here. It is better to do a few very thin layers than one thick layer of paint. Once you have all the paint down, pick up your stencil and set aside to dry. 

While the paint is drying you are going to make the fluffy bunny tail. Pom pom balls are much easier to make than they look! Start by wrapping the yarn loosely around four fingers as pictured. Just keep wrapping until they are pretty well covered. (Those little hands have been definitely playing outside all day!) Slide off the wrapped yarn and set on the table. Take a single piece of yarn and tie it in the middle of the loop, as pictured. Tie it tight. Next, take your scissors and cut through the middle of the loops on each end. I then went through and cut any stragglers or pieces that were too long. Voila! 

Once you have a puffy tail and a dry piece of painted burlap you are ready to hot glue the tail on. Take caution because just like the paint, the glue will run through to the other side. Meaning…don’t touch the backside while the glue is setting. 

Flip the painted side down and fold about an inch from the top to make a pocket. Carefully hot glue the rod in the fold, then glue the edges down. Cut a piece of ribbon to the desired length for hanging and glue on the back. I find that if you glue the ribbon ends at an angle, as pictured, the ribbon will lay flatter when it’s hung. 

We finished one to hang on the fireplace mantel, but both girls are asking for one for their doors. I think we may need to crank out a couple more after school this week!


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