Spring has SPRUNG, y’all! We are entering the most beautiful days of the year over the next couple months and I am mentally ready for it. Physically ready? That’s another story. My closet is currently a mixture of drab grays and blacks with some navy blues but I see those hot pink pants and the white eyelet shirt peeking out from behind several hangers of jeans.

It’s time to start packing down sweaters and pulling out florals! Here’s my how to look fabulous for Spring checklist:

  1. Shave Your Legs. I don’t know about you but I have GOT to start shaving on a regular basis. I no longer have boots to hide my hairy ankles, so shaving needs to be on the top of the list.
  2. Get a Pedicure. Open-toe shoe season is baaaack and its time to step up your toe game. I only get pedicures once or twice a year. I’d much rather do my nails at home, for free, in 15 minutes rather than for $40 and an hour of my life I can’t get back. Whenever I’m at the nail salon I get all panicky and breakdown ridiculous scenarios in my head…”Watch this be the ONE time the school calls because my kid busted his lip open on the playground and I have to leave but my feet are all slippery from the lotion and my foot slips off the gas and hits the brake because I’m still wearing the dumb foam flip-flops and now I’m in a fender bender. And I have to get out and talk to the other driver and the cop in my foam flip-flops and half painted toes.” *PING* “OMG, it’s the school, I knew it! Oh, its an email, sweet sale at Sephora!”… So whether you prefer at-home pedis or heading to the salon, just get those little piggies ready for their debut.
  3. Inventory the Closet. We’re getting bombarded with pastels, florals, sleeveless tops, colored jeans, and swimsuits and I want it all. (Except the swimsuits, I can’t even with that right now.) Take a deep breath, slow down, and go home and go through the closet. If it doesn’t fit, donate it. You don’t need that negativity in your life! Find what looks too faded/grubby/or too “well loved” and donate or trash it (depending on condition). If you didn’t wear it last year and you’re still not feeling it, donate. ‘Tis the season of renewal and make room for the new!
  4. Make Two Lists: Needs and Wants. Needs are spring/summer staples you need to replace or repurchase. I need new white pants, a white cardigan, and nude colored pumps. Wants tend to be more “on-trend” items. I want a floral romper, shorts with cacti on them, and an Easter dress. I’ve never grown out of getting a new Easter dress. The thrill of a brand new, pink flowery dress never gets old to me. Luckily, I have graduated from white tights bunching around my ankles. 
  5. Work the Lists. Stay focused and hit the “Needs” list first. If you’re as reluctant to pay full price for anything as I am, shop around to compare prices, check out (Austin-based!) RetailMeNot and other coupon sites for sales, deals, or online codes. Pay a visit to the outlet mall and check out Nordstrom Rack (my fave!). Once the “needs” list has been taken care of, you can start to work on the wants. However, in the process of obtaining what was needed, the want list has probably tripled. That’s ok, edit and revise! Try to avoid impulse “OH that’s CuUuUute!” purchases by keeping your list in mind, along with any events you know you have coming up.
  6. Try Something Different. Last year I tried a subscription clothing service. This was super fun because I had already bought a few pieces I needed but I wanted some things that were “on-trend” for the spring/summer. I didn’t have to shop around or drag my kiddos into the dressing room with me. The box showed up at my door, I tried everything on at home, was able to see how it would incorporate into my wardrobe. I mailed back (with the included bag and postage) any pieces I didn’t want. There are several well-regarded subscription services out there, just fill out a profile, which includes your price range, and select when you want it to arrive! Yay for fun mail!
  7. Pack the Sunscreen. This is one we ALL do once we’re hitting the splash pad on a daily basis but I’m not great about having it on me when the partly sunny morning turns into a FULL BLOWN sunny afternoon. I love the sunscreen sticks for the kiddos, so easy to apply-just rub it on like a giant tube of chapstick. As for me, Clinique’s Mineral Sunscreen for Body works great on the face as well, isn’t sticky, and absorbs quickly so you don’t end up looking like a mime. 

Get out there and celebrate the beautiful weather mammas, you look FAB!


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