After the pregnancy test confirmed my suspicions there were so many decisions I needed to make. When do I tell my husband? Should I get a doula? What type of birthing classes did I want to attend? Do I go back to work after having the baby? The one constant that I never wavered on was breastfeeding. I knew that it was the best option for my little one. I read about the types of problems mom and babies could have and prepared myself for every scenario. Thankfully, we were one of the lucky ones.

There were no latch issues, she ate beautifully, and I had oversupply for the first four months of her life. Now that we’re almost 11 months into this nursing journey I’m ready for it to be over. Don’t get me wrong, I love my little girl so much. I’m grateful to be able to provide her with food at the drop of a hat (or a bra), but it’s so incredibly exhausting and demanding. I’ve vowed to nurse her until she’s 16/17 months and I’m counting down the days!

Here are the reasons I’m excited to stop breastfeeding:

*Support the girls! – I never thought the day would come where I’d miss wired bras. I remember coming home from a long day at work and flinging that sucker across the room. The girls would yell “Freedom!!!” Now my girls have had a little too much freedom and we need to corral ourselves back into a respectable bra that lifts and separates!

*Wardrobe – I’ll finally be able to wear ANYTHING that is currently sitting in my closet. I won’t have to do a test run before I leave the house to see if I can reach the girls. There will be no layering of clothes in the summer (seriously it’s Texas, it’s hot!). No more expensive and shapeless nursing clothes that hang on my body. (I need larger sizes to accommodate the girls but my short stature causes me to look like a kid dressing in mommy’s clothes.) I can rock my Slytherin House polo once more!!

*Odd Looks – Even though I know it’s legal and A-ok for me to whip ‘em out and feed my daughter, it doesn’t make it any less awkward when someone makes eye contact. You get over being nervous, but you never get over someone locking eyes with you while you’re trying to force your nipple into your child’s mouth. Then there’s always that one person who looks over at you glares, and says something loud and obnoxious. Why yes lovely stranger, that is my nipple, do you mind? My daughter is trying to eat.

*Tummy Time – Moms need it to. How I miss rolling onto my belly and falling into a peaceful slumber. Now I know sleeping on your belly isn’t ideal, but let’s get real it’s the best! I haven’t slept on my belly in 16 months. Yeah, I’ve kept tabs on the date. That’s how important this is to me.

*Ink! – I love tattoos. I got my first one at the age of 18. While I only have four, each one is meaningful and represents different stages of my life. Now that I’ve achieved one of my lifelong dreams I want to celebrate it in style and in color! I want to get a tattoo that represents this new stage in my life. I’m a mom. What’s more magical than that?

Like becoming a parent, breastfeeding is an incredible experience. The sore nipples, back strain from sitting/laying in odd positions, embarrassing leakage, and fatigue are all worth the ability to provide ‘liquid gold’ for my daughter. I will always advocate for breastfeeding whenever possible for as long as the mom and kiddo(s) are able to. 

I’d love to hear from you! How was/is your breastfeeding experience? Why are you excited (or sad) for it to end? 

Jaki was a mom working in the HR field turned to stay at home mom for two years, turned back to working mom, back to stay at home mom. (Whew!) She now spends her days trying to be the best mother to her daughters, Madi (4/2017) and Gwen (5/2019), while squeezing in relationship time with her husband, Zane. Their 3 rescued pups complete the crazy family. Together they live right on the border of Austin & Pflugerville. She loves Harry Potter, sci-fi, hiking, reading, being a vegan foodie, traveling, learning more about the HR field, figuring out how to homeschool the Montessori way, and writing about her adventures. Check out her blog at


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