I turn the big 4-0 in September of this year, which is both exciting and unbelievable. Not sure about you, but I love making “bucket lists” and wanted to put together a mix of things that I have already checked off my list and those things I still hope to accomplish before turning 40. Here are my 40 things to accomplish before turning 40.

  1. Have children.
  2. Be done having children.
  3. Write a novel.
  4. Take a vacation alone- no kids, no husband, no girlfriends- just me and a stack of books.
  5. Master my perfect “dish” that I can bring to parties and claim “I make the best ______.”
  6. Become fluent in another language (and toddler speak doesn’t count).
  7. Drink the best bottle of wine in the world. 
  8. Master the art of patience (this one is kid-specific).
  9. Spend less time on social media.
  10. Spend more time playing with my kids. 
  11. Start having once a month day dates with my husband.
  12. Stop caring what anyone thinks.
  13. Start and end each day with a grateful heart.
  14. Finally figure out what style of clothing looks best on my body.
  15. Make peace with the fine lines starting to appear on my face (seriously, these just showed up overnight!).
  16. Always be happy in others successes.
  17. Stop YELLING (this one is also kid-specific).
  18. Find my signature scent.
  19. Own my own business.
  20. Stop comparing: looks, money, and children.
  21. Join an active group that is working towards making this world a better place.
  22. Learn that it’s okay to say no- and stop feeling guilty when I do.
  23. Be a positive presence for everyone around me.
  24. Learn how to parallel park (honestly, just learn how to park in general).
  25. Plan a trip with just the women in my family.
  26. Do one conscious nice thing for someone every single day.
  27. Learn basic sewing.
  28. Live in a city vastly different from where I grew up.
  29. Find our “home” city (ATX for the win!).
  30. Have dinner at The French Laundry.
  31. Celebrate everyday normal more often.
  32. Accept the fact that I will never be finished with laundry and quit being annoyed by it.
  33. Find the most luxurious bedding there is and treat myself.
  34. Attend a yoga retreat.
  35. Stop reading things that don’t bring me joy.
  36. Learn how to just be- no noise, no phone, no tv.
  37. Go surfing. 
  38. Throw out all of the shoes that torture my feet.
  39. Donate more to those in need.
  40. Never forget that turning 40 is a privilege that not everyone gets.

What would you add? 



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