When I started thinking about this subject I was immediately transported back to 6th grade. It was always such a fun challenge to come up with something new to show everyone each Wednesday in Mrs. Leingang’s class circa 1996. My very favorite “show and tell” item I ever brought to show my class was a little out of the box but I loved it and it’s still such a fun story in my family.

Twenty years ago my mom went to the Marshall Islands and brought back seven children for different families in our community to adopt. It was St. Patty’s day, and of those seven children, one of them was coming home to live with us! That was the day that I added a sister to my colorful sibling circle. She was almost two years old, the shyest, most beautiful little girl and had the smoothest, milkiest chocolate skin. Truly stunning. I had wanted a sister my whole entire life and now I had one! My family had a meeting to discuss the idea of bringing another sibling into the mix and we all agreed that it was a great idea. I was in sixth grade and Beauty and the Beast was my movie of choice at the time so I suggested we name this little sis “Belle” because she was my favorite character and so lovely. It stuck and Belle Ria joined the fam. 

Two weeks later it was my Wednesday to bring “show and tell” for everyone and I knew exactly what I wanted to share with the class… MY NEW SISTER! So Mom brought Belle to school and I introduced this sweet little peep to all of my friends. She didn’t know a lick of English and would have rather crawled under the teacher’s desk than be in front of all those kids but I was beaming from ear to ear. I was so proud of her. 

I can honestly say that I might have been the first to show and tell about my new sibling and be excited about it but I have friends that still remember that moment.  

On that note here are my top favorite “show and tell” ideas and items that will make a lasting impression:

  1. A favorite item. (favorite toy, lego, blankie, stuffed animal, etc) Whatever has the most awesome meaning for your kiddo. 
  2. An awesome artifact from a family trip or adventure. (arrowhead, journal, picture standing at the top of the Eiffel Tower)  
  3. A favorite card trick or magic trick. 
  4. A family recipe. Also doubles as a bonus snack day too! #winning
  5. A family member. They can talk about their job or something super cool that they do or how they fit into your kid’s life. 
  6. A pet. (dog, iguana, bunny, chicken) Austin is full of interesting family pets.  Side note: I saw a llama sunning himself on the back patio of a yard on S 1st street downtown last summer. It made my day. 
  7. A best friend. Talk about the most favorite things you like about that bestie. 
  8. A favorite outfit. Why is it the favorite? Maybe its a costume, Easter dress, sports jersey, etc. 
  9. Funniest home video clip or baby photo that is funny. 
  10. Something that is interesting that your kid can do that sets them apart from the rest of the class. Maybe its a gymnastics move, or juggle a soccer ball with your feet, or playing an instrument. 

Take all these ideas with a grain of salt as I was always an out of the box thinker and appreciated something that I would remember at the end of the day or that would strike up a conversation at the dinner table. 

Also, note that you might want to reach out to the teacher to approve the item or whatever might be coming into the classroom. If your little wants to bring his pet anaconda to show and tell it might require a little more than just an email the morning of his turn… just saying. 




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