Sitting in my car outside a piano studio, as my son tickles the ivories for the next thirty minutes, I write this eight-hundred-word blog. And that, to me, sums up motherhood. Resourceful in every moment – that’s a mother. Creating magic and wonder out of thin air – that’s a mother. Being humanly superhuman – that’s a mother. Nurturing little ones and placing their needs above yours – that’s a mother.

As I wedge my laptop uncomfortably between the steering wheel and myself, I think back in time: Over the past eight years, I have discovered my true human potential – operating through sleepless nights and days; carrying post-baby weight as I trek through life; balancing the car seat, diaper bag, purse, along with groceries through the garage door without dropping a thing; taking 30+ hour international flights with a clingy baby on one hip, and heavyweight bags on the other. And I have emerged victorious – strong and victorious. Did I think I could do it? No! Did I? YAS!

Growing up, motherhood looked different. It looked aspirational. I wanted to stay home and wake up happy, with no pressure of getting to school on time. I wanted to wear makeup and attend fancy parties. I wanted to be beautiful – just like my mum. I remember the scent of ‘Poison by Dior’ wafting through the air, my mum applying makeup as I watched keenly, wearing her beautiful saris and stepping out in all her splendor. This, of course, was the fun side of being a grown up. I was so star struck by the glamor that I didn’t concentrate on the amazingly talented housewife in her, or maybe paid less attention to that responsibility-laden aspect. I didn’t notice the pains she went through to curate just the perfect seasonal wardrobe for my brother and me, or all the running around she did to make our birthday celebrations worthy of Pinterest awards, or how Mumma helped me revise for school tests while sick with a high fever, or how she cooked up delicious meals just in time for us to devour after hours of playing outside. I admit we took it all for granted. Today, I want to say thank you to my wonderful Mumma from the bottom of my heart – I know how much of you-you put into me. 

Whichever manifestation of mommyhood you choose, the selfless spirit of motherhood must be celebrated!

Yes, it’s true that every day should be Mother’s Day. But in reality, is it? I enjoy the phenomenon of earmarking one day in the year to lay special emphasis on the glory of mothers everywhere. I honor my mother and mother-in-law every year on this day, thanking them for their immense contribution in the form of love and support at every juncture in our lives. Acknowledging their selfless presence is as important to me as it is soul-nourishing for them.

Sadly, life is fickle. We don’t know how much time we really have with our loved ones so why not celebrate at every opportunity?

I love celebrations. I celebrate birthdays, anniversaries and festivals. I celebrate every day of life.

As a little girl, the concept of Mother’s Day was enchanting. I remember learning a song that went, “M is for mother” to sing to Mumma. Pampering her with hand-drawn cards and an assortment of toys picked out of my doll basket was my 8-year-old way of telling her she was the best mom ever!

Life has come a full circle. Now, I have an 8-year-old and he’s been working on a ‘top secret’ project for me! The excitement in his voice melts my heart. My 3-year-old daughter is constantly showering me with hugs, kisses and ‘I love you’s. The other day, I asked her to write a list of why she loves me so much. She promptly got out a purple pad and a purple shimmer pen, made little shapes and read out real, coherent sentences to me! Oh, the sheer joys of motherhood. It’s true that I didn’t know how deep I could love till my kids came along – Mom, you were and are so right!

Mother’s Day reminds me to put aside my to-dos and be present in the moment with my family, be it bubbles, sidewalk chalk, brunch, an outdoor picnic, park time, or a host of other things my kids love. We are a TV-loving family and adore snuggling up on the couch with snacks to watch the latest Disney Pixar offering. My heart dances hearing the squeals of excitement and the waves of laughter these movies bring to my house. My kids are my life, and the exquisite trinkets they gift me on Mother’s Day are my life’s treasures.

Deep down, I knew I was born to be a mother! It sounds like a strange sentiment but one that now resonates with me.


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