35 Great Gifts for a First Birthday


Buying gifts can be hard for some, it’s just not their love language. Here are some ideas and tips to get you started, whether it’s for your own child, or a friend’s.

Gift Ideas for a Child’s First Birthday: 

  1. A party—parties cost money but can be a wonderful way to show how much you cherish someone and to allow others to celebrate and take part in your child’s life.
  2. A rocking horse or other ride-on toys
  3. A membership to Little Land or another indoor playscape (Catch Air, The Thinkery, etc.)
  4. Pottery Barn anywhere chair; personalized
  5. Curious George Jack in the Box
  6. A wagon
  7. An activity table
  8. Water table
  9. Sand box
  10. A learning tower
  11. Nesting boxes
  12. Chatbooks subscription or giftcard
  13. Wee Sing Silly Songs CD’s
  14. Tiny piano
  15. Monogrammed onesies
  16. Plastic flatware, cutlery and sippy cup sets, snack containers
  17. Diapers
  18. Board books
  19. Outdoor swing
  20. Silhouette portrait: DIY or Etsy
  21. Walking lawnmower toy
  22. Busy city block toy
  23. Blocks
  24. Squishy floor mats
  25. Cozy coupe
  26. Slide
  27. Potty practice chair
  28. Toy instruments
  29. Violet the V-tech puppy
  30. Pajamas
  31. Tent or crawl through tunnel
  32. Wooden puzzles (age appropriate)
  33. Little people barn or other play set
  34. Balls
  35. Tricycle


The best gift you can give a child is time and attention, of course, but these may just make the time a little more fun! Enjoy shopping!


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