Pilates? I Thought You Said “Pie” & “Lattes” – My Elite Core Pilates Transformation

Growing a human is super duper hard on the body. Trust me, I’ve had 3.

And sometimes stuff just isn’t ever the same. Whether you can’t keep the weight off, can’t keep the weight on, stress eat, stress forget to eat, or have a sack of skin that will never hang from the body like it once did when you were a teenager, kids change who we are physically… and mentally too!

By no means am I a fitness guru, but I’ve always made working out a priority. I’ve tried it all. I’ve had a personal trainer, I’ve had the family YMCA membership, I’ve been an avid barre fan, I’ve spun, I’ve danced, I’ve cross-fit, and now I can say, I’ve Pilate’d! 

After the birth of my 3rd baby I went through an array of changes. The combination of being older, facing some pretty life-changing surgeries, and just being a busy mom, things in the body department just weren’t going back together the way they did after my first 2 pregnancies. 

I started training at Elite Core in September 2017. While I had technically lost all of my “baby weight”, my body was needing so much more than just a scale. I wasn’t strong, I wasn’t fit, I didn’t want to be in a swimsuit, and I hated my naked body. I just wanted to feel good in my own skin {even though it was stretched thin after 3 babies}.

The owner of the studio, Liza Edebor, is known in the baseball community for transforming athletes. She trained Major League Baseball Pitcher, Jake Arrieta who attributes much of his success to pilates and Liza! Liza also works with the young, the old, and everything in between and because of her my core has NEVER been stronger than it is now. Sure, there are some things that only surgery can fix, but I can actually feel how much stronger I’ve become over the past 9 months! What I love the most is that Liza is a mom too so she “gets it”!

Liza’s a no-nonsense, witty, and hysterical north-eastern girl that motivates, inspires, & constantly encourages! She just has this energy about her that we all love!

Elite Core Pilates Owner, Liza Edebor

Her studio classes feature training on the reformer, chair, cadillac and Pilates spring board, with combination classes featuring TRX, rebounding, rowing, gliders, weighted body bars, hand and leg weights, stability ball exercises, Pilates boxes, pull up bars and cardio circuit training. She offers group classes, private sessions as well as small group sessions. During the school year I always take my littlest one with me and now that school is out, I take all 3 of my kids! Elite Core Pilates has a super cute playroom, but if your kids are like mine and don’t stay in the room, there is plenty for them to stay occupied!

My personal favorite is the group classes! I love seeing the same faces week after week and watching how much we all grow personally and physically. It’s like our little fitness family! 

I can’t say enough wonderful things about Elite Core Pilates, the mission, the owner, the facility, but most importantly, I can’t say enough about the changes in me.

Thank you to Laura Morsman Photography for capturing these images during a private Elite Core Pilates class in honor of my personal monumental change!




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