Father’s Day can be a great time to get creative and enlist the kids in a fun crafting activity that results in a stellar gift for Dad. The good news is that there’s not much actual skill needed for these DIY Father’s Day Craft ideas – but you will probably need to make a quick trip to Michael’s, Hobby Lobby or Target (like we need an excuse) and be willing to get a little messy. Happy Crafting!

A Card From His Little Monsters

If you don’t smush your kid’s hand or foot onto paper or a piece of pottery can you really even call it a Father’s Day gift? This is an easy and sweet Monsters Inc. inspired art or card from I Heart Arts n Crafts. For this craft, you’ll need cardstock, a black marker, scissors, some paint, adorable little hands and feet and some idea of what you want your monster to look like.

Pro Tip: Put enough paint to cover the hands and feet but not soo much that it leaves a lot of extra paint – this can easily lead to smearing and takes longer to dry.

Show Dad A Little Sweetness With A Fun Pun

This yummy (and free!) printable is from a local Austin mom and her fantastic site, C.R.A.F.T, which stands for Creating Really Awesome Fun Things. She has a bunch of great printable options with different sayings for Father’s Day. Just pick out the one that best suits the Dad in your life and help the kids decorate it or pick out a special treat for him. And get a treat for yourself too while you’re at it.  

A “Toolbox” Full Of Dad’s Favorites

Growing up, it felt like everyone’s Dad had a toolbox at home. Did they ever use it? Debatable. This is a cute and creative spin on a toolbox for Dad that he will actually put to good use.

You can download one of four free printables from Moms and Munchkins and then pack the “toolbox” with anything dad likes. She’s got some great ideas in there, including a universal TV remote and a game scheduled for his favorite team, as well as room for his favorite drinks and snacks.

Picking the design, creating the “toolbox” and filling it with goodies can be a fun activity for the kids to have a role in – depending on their age. Now, what would be in Mommy’s “toolbox”? Plenty of room for wine…

Get Personal With A DIY Keychain

With this Father’s Day craft, your kids can create a super sweet and personal memento for Dad to attach to his keys. This clever idea comes from Grey House Harbor and is probably the most “involved” craft. You’ll need to make a shopping list and hit up a craft store for some Shrinky Dinks plastic first. Follow the directions and best practices in the post and it will come out great. Plus, you will probably end up with enough leftover supplies for more fun plastic crafts this summer!  

A Chance to “Build Memories” with Dad

A great option for a child that would like to have some more one-on-one time with Dad is this mason jar craft from The Seasoned Mom. All you and your child need to do is brainstorm fun activities for Dad to do with the kid(s) or the whole family and write them down on legos. Then place them in a cute container (doesn’t have to be a mason jar if you’re over that trend!) and attach a sweet note. It’s the gift that will keep on giving and probably mean a lot to Dad as well.

Paint A Special Plate For Dad

I don’t want to speak for every kid that grew up in the 90’s – but at some point we pretty much all ended up at a Paint-Your-Own-Pottery store to design and paint something for a parent. It brings back good memories for me! The stores are still around and now you also have the option to buy the supplies and do it all from home.

This “grilling plate” for Dad comes from The Craft Geek that can be found on Facebook. This is another great opportunity to get your child’s/children’s handprints on another craft! But really, the options are pretty endless. Depending on their ages, kids can each make a plate and get super creative or Mom can help everyone make a family plate! Even if Dad doesn’t love to grill, there are a lot of ways to make this craft idea big hit for Father’s Day. 


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