There are so many things that I love about you but these are the big ones that I love about you as a father. 

I love that you are the ultimate #boydad! 

From lizards to legos, you are the best the boy dad ever. You play as hard as you love and they are so blessed for it. 

I love your patience. 

I don’t know how you do it but from newborns to threenagers your patience never seems to end and I’m so thankful for it. You are somehow always the calm eye of the storm in our house and make everything better just by being there. 

I love your humor. 

You will forever make me smile and laugh but my favorite thing is when you make our sons laugh. No one can make Dink have full body laughs like you and how you find humor with a cranky newborn still amazes me. 

I love the example you set for our boys. 

They want nothing more than to be like daddy and I’m totally okay with that because you’re such a great man. From your family values to work ethic to your faith you are a man unlike so many. 

I love how you play. 

I can’t for the life of me play superheroes for hours or make legos without instructions but you are the king of it all. You can wrestle with the best of them and never seem to get bored, and I’m in awe of it. 

I love your support. 

I could not be as successful of a person or mother without your support. From breastfeeding to postpartum emotions to going back to work you are always supportive of my choices. But as a father you are so supportive of our boys. from feelings to the frustration with learning new things you are everyone’s rock.

I love your vulnerability. 

Your strength is amazing but my favorite part is how you’re strong enough to show our boys how powerful it is be vulnerable. Too many times boys get told it’s not okay to be emotional but as a dad you are the best at showing them it is okay to have emotions and how to handle them. 

I love your logic. 

Without you who knows where we’d be. You are the rational and logical one in our family circus. You keep us going and grounded and we are better because of it. 

I love how you love me as a mother. 

I knew I would change physically and emotional with pregnancies but what I didn’t anticipate is how your view of me would change. I will never forget when our first son was a newborn and you told me how beautiful you thought I was holding our baby. I love that you are my biggest cheerleader and how amazing you make me feel every day as a mother. 

I love the father you never expected to be. 

You never planned on being a father but damn you’re amazing as one. You went all in 100% with our sons from diapers to bottles to nightmares and sleepovers. You are involved, present, loving, and incredible. Kids are hard and even harder on a marriage but ours have made me love you in a whole new way. You are the best father I have ever seen and our children are blessed beyond belief to have you as a daddy. 


Kimberly Peña
Hello AMB readers! I'm Kim, a working momma married to the love of my life, Marco. We welcomed our joy boy, Thomas, in 2013 who is hearing impaired and full of energy! I am a history teacher by day and blogger by night. I love staying busy and always have about a dozen projects in my head at any given moment. I love spending time with my boys, creating inquiry based learning units, and blogging about cooking, motherhood, marriage, and womanhood here and at


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