There are so many wonderful things about summer: lounging around the pool, popping the top off a cold drink, eating ice cream until your brain freezes, visiting with friends and family, and taking evening walks or bike rides around the neighborhood. Of course, one of the best things about summer is the freedom to take things slow and really enjoy life.

So, pour a glass of tea, turn up the A/C, and have some fun around the house with summer activities:

  1. Pitch a tent in the backyard, tell ghost stories around the fire pit, and feast on s’mores or campfire cones.
  2. Project a movie onto the side of the house. Be “extra” and get cozy inside a blow-up pool.
  3. Seek and you shall find on a nature scavenger hunt.
  4. Test your culinary skills with The Great Summer Bake-off: cookies, cobblers, cupcakes, cakes, oh my!
  5. Plant a garden (fairies and gnomes are optional).
  6. Make playdough or slime. Throw in some glitter or fragrance oils for good measure.
  7. Write letters to family and friends. Go ahead and kick it ol’ school. (I won’t tell anybody.)
  8. Play fair during family game night (board games, card games, word games, etc.)
  9. Experiment with family science activities. There are TONS of ideas all over Pinterest.
  10. Compete in Minute to Win It games. Winner gets an extra homemade popsicle.
  11. Run and slide through homemade sprinklers (using a pool noodle) and Slip ‘N Slide,
  12. Get your math game on through games like Spin and Add, Roll and Subtract, or Uno Flips.
  13. Fight back with water balloons and water blasters.
  14. Throw a ball and catch it. Repeat until the sun goes down and the stars come out.
  15. Challenge the family to a 100-mile walk or bike contest.
  16. Vie for a gold medal in the Backyard Olympics complete with relay races,
  17. Practice your aim playing a mean game of Laundry Basket Skee Ball.
  18. Build a fort in the living room complete with pillows, blankets, and twinkle lights.
  19. Sing Karaoke like no one is watching. Add some sweet dance moves, too.
  20. Create a carnival in the backyard complete with a balloon dart board, bean bag ball toss, and ring toss.
  21. Add some flair to your hair with hair wraps.
  22. Be prepared. Put together a first-aid kit for summer boo-boos.
  23. Show kindness by painting treasure rocks and leaving them around town for others to find.
  24. Read a book and make a snack to go with it. “Goodnight Moon” pairs well with Blue Moon Ice Cream.
  25. Make yummy popsicles.
  26. Stargaze. Find the Big Dipper.
  27. Make a hideout using a hula hoop and a bed sheet. Take cover and read a book.
  28. Take a nap. You’ve earned it.
  29. Create a summertime playlist.
  30. Watch the beauty of both the sunrise and the sunset. Go ahead, sigh.
  31. Explore the neighborhood park and/or pool. After all, you pay those HOA dues, right?!
  32. Learn and develop a new skill: origami, crocheting, woodworking, pencil sketching, jewelry making, etc.
  33. Cook a delicious dish or host a barbeque for family and/or friends.
  34. Eat watermelon and then have a watermelon seed spitting contest.
  35. Start a blog or write a book.
  36. Organize a garage or yard sale.
  37. Blow bubbles and watch the dog attack them. Laugh until your belly aches.
  38. Create chore baskets and get busy cleaning. Cleaning ain’t just for spring!
  39. Make sidewalk art with sidewalk chalk
  40. Have a picnic in the backyard. Don’t invite the ants.
  41. Fold paper airplanes and create a landing strip using painter’s tape.
  42. Play Hide-and-Seek or its cousin Sardines.
  43. Create a masterpiece using crayons, markers, colored pencils, or paint. Create an art gallery on the fridge.
  44. Write, produce, and perform a play. Tap into all that kid drama.
  45. Tell jokes with a comedy night.
  46. Wash the car (Kids got to earn their keep, you know!)
  47. Play Bucket Ball. Like beer pong but more appropriate for kids.
  48. Take pictures and make a super awesome scrapbook of summer memories.
  49. Practice your cosmetology skills: paint nails, style hair, and experiment with different makeup colors.
  50. Decorate or redecorate a room in the house. Or simply rearrange the furniture.

And, when all else fails…

  51. Perfect your margarita (or mojito or sangria) recipe.


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