My daughter, Madi, lucked out when it came to the dad lottery. Her dad, Zane, loved and cared for her even before she was born. He worked hard to ensure that I had everything I needed when I was pregnant, right down to the 10 pm ice cream cravings. He came to every doctor’s appointment and every sonogram. When I was placed on bed rest due to blood pressure issues he made sure I wouldn’t want for anything before heading off to work each morning. In the evenings he would sit with me and we’d talk about how our lives were going to change for the better.

When he walked into the operating room for my belly birth he didn’t realize that he would be the first to see and hold her. It was trial by fire for this guy who’d never held a baby before! He was and still is such a natural. People tell me Zane was always meant to be a dad, but they’re wrong. He was always meant to be Madi’s dad.

Zane & Madi enjoying a cool Austin morning

As Madi continues to grow she’ll realize that she has a dad who is so excited to share his knowledge and hobbies. He reads to her every time she passes him a book or sing her made up songs. He’ll sit and stack blocks with her for hours. If she’s fussy he’ll talk to her and hold her lovingly. When he travels for work he constantly Facetimes with Madi so that she “won’t forget his face.”

He’s building that love and trust so that when she has troubles or comes to crossroads in her life she will not hesitate to turn to him. I, of course, will always be there for her, but I also lucked out in the dad lottery. My father was a constant source of knowledge and wisdom during my formative years.  I want to make sure that Madi knows she can always turn to her father; just like I still turn to mine.

To all the Fathers our there who build loving and lasting relationships with their children, remember that we see you and we appreciate you. Happy Father’s Day!


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