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Don’t Let Mosquitoes Invade Your Summer Memories | Chem-Free Organic Pest & Lawn

Summer for my family means running through the sprinklers out back, animals made of sidewalk chalk, messy popsicles in the grass, and…MOSQUITOES. My kids love to be outside, but the fastest way to get us all running indoors is pesky mosquitoes threatening to make a meal out of us. Mosquitoes are attracted to us as we exhale and sweat. Since sweating is a given living in Texas, we become a walking target for those irritating, red bites. The weather here in Central Texas provides mosquitoes with ideal living and breeding temperatures almost year round, but I don’t want that to keep us from enjoying the outdoors.

Why do we need to be concerned about these tiny pests?

Although these insects are small, they are more than an annoyance at our summer camping trip. They can transmit potentially deadly diseases to our families and pets. Expecting mamas and littles are at the highest risk for contracting diseases, such as Zika and West Nile, because these diseases can cause serious complications, birth defects and compromise brain development. Our furry relatives don’t escape the risks either, and can be infected with heartworms from a single Mosquito bite.

So how do we prevent these uninvited dinner guests from joining our next family BBQ?

Austin families are known for making Eco-Friendly products a top priority. So it’s no surprise that Austinites are searching for a more holistic way of keeping unwanted pests out of their yards while having the least effect on the natural environment. Chem-Free’s natural approach to mosquito control eliminates breeding grounds, modifies conducive habitats, while using low-impact controls to limit populations.

Chem-Free yard treatments

Chem-Free can identify and target mosquito breeding grounds and resting areas within your yard, and tailor a treatment plan to reduce the mosquito population in ALL life-cycle stages. To protect your family members (furry members included), Chem-Free offers two low-impact treatment options made up of organic compounds. This allows families to enjoy the outdoors even at the times of day that Mosquitoes tend to be the most active. Their professionals can create a barrier of protection around your yard to provide a more peaceful living space for weeks after application.

What does low impact really mean?

As a mom of three, I’m always looking for ways to reduce the amount of toxins reaching my family. So I was thrilled to discover that Chem-Free offers organic pest control options. Their misting systems and foggers use a natural compound of Pyrethrum, derived from the Chrysanthemum plant. This low-impact treatments method is an environmentally friendly way to keep harmful pest away while maintaining a sustainable habitat for non-threatening insects, and ensuring the least impact to your landscape and garden area.

Chem-Free suggests making these simple (chemical free) changes around your home to lower your risk:

  • Remove items that might collect water in your yard. Mosquitoes need just one inch of water in order to breed. Water tables, sand buckets, and even the bottom of the playscape slide seems to always have an inch of water just waiting to incubate tiny mosquito eggs.
  • Add plants such as, lavender, lemongrass, citronella, and marigold to your yard. These are known to provide a natural mosquito repellant.
  • Avoid scents such as perfumes, scented soaps, lotions and clothing detergents that can attract mosquitos.

Why choose Chem-Free Pest & Lawn for your mosquito needs?

  • Low impact applications to minimize the impact to family and pets.
  • Least toxic methods
  • Organic and natural ingredients
  • Environmentally friendly treatment options
  • Chem-Free is Green Pro certified.  

Call today to have Chem-Free customize a yard treatment plan tailored to your personal needs and comfort level.



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