Must Have Beauty Products For Moms

Odds are when you became a mom your beauty routine severely took a hit in the time allocation department. Sometimes just showering is a win. I’ve been through my fair share of product trial and error looking for those that meet the needs of my new mom beauty routine: quick, natural but still fun.

All of these I have personally tried and are on my must have list. Look to sample some of the below tried and true products for those days when a bit extra concealer is needed or your hair needs that extra spray of dry shampoo.


Dry shampoo: Every mom needs their dry shampoo staple! Washing and drying your hair can be a massive production that is not do-able every day. Insert dry shampoo to the rescue! Spritz some dry shampoo to absorb oil, remove the grease and by you an extra day in between washes!

Detangler: Grimy kid hands with fistfuls of your hair on the daily. Am I right!? My hair is so knotted by the end of the day, thinking about brushing through it literally makes my skin crawl. It wasn’t until I found the best of the best detanglers to help manage the dreaded feat of brushing through my post mom-bun hair!

Texturizing spray: For those days when your hair needs that extra oomph and volume, use one of these texturizing sprays with some good teasing. You will literally feel like a new person with a fresh blowout and all the bounce in the world. PS. The Oribe one is worth the cost just for the smell alone, it’s amazing!

Make Up

Concealer: Those late-night feedings and early mornings manage to quickly turn our under eyes into pools of darkness. These two concealers provide enough full coverage to hide any signs of the little sleep us mamas are endearing.

Mascara: When I have five minutes to throw a bit of makeup on my face, a must is always mascara! Adding mascara to an almost naked face makes your eyes pop and make your face appear to be fully made up as well. With a quick swipe on your lashes you can go from feeling like a rundown mama to a runway queen.

Liquid Lipstick: No time to do a full face of makeup? That’s ok! Add a bold pop of color to your lips to look vibrant and refreshed without spending lots of time. Liquid lipsticks are all the rage and as a mom they are 100% the way to go. They literally last ALL day even through eating and drinking. Just apply once in the morning and your bold lips are set for the day!

I am always on the hunt for new products to try so let me know your personal favorites used in your mom beauty routine!



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