How To Help Your Child Develop A Calm And Kind Inner Voice

The first time I went on an international school trip as an 8-year-old, I remember being guided by a voice in my head, egging me on to try new things and holding me back from places unknown. I now know, that was my inner voice – molded, shaped by the way my parents spoke to me. Full of care, compassion, awareness, and kindness. Today, I know just how much my upbringing has impacted my persona and inner voice.

“The way we talk to our children becomes their inner voice.” -Peggy O’Mara

So, how do we help our children develop a calm and kind inner voice? Well, by speaking to them in a calm and kind voice naturally. Life is busy, life is rushed and at times, life is overwhelming. How easy then is it to be mindful of our tones? That’s where good parenting comes in. As adults, we should have the maturity to foresee the effects of our behavior on our kids. Easier said than done, right? Change happens in small doses so let’s not react to our kids, let’s respond to them.

Here are some ways you can help your child be compassionate towards himself/herself:

  1. Be forgiving: Instead of blaming, offer advice on how the child can be proactive about not making the same mistake in the future. Focus on awareness, and how to correct accidental mistakes.
  2. Be encouraging: If your child is struggling with homework or chores, highlight the progress made and create a plan to accomplish next steps. Do not chide him/her for inability to learn.
  3. Exhibit organizational skills: Children imbibe parental traits and reactions to situations. If they’re late for school, make it an example for better morning planning. Say, “Let’s complete x,y,z tasks the night before so we’re on time in the morning.”
  4. Show resilience: If your plans get canceled, offer up a substitute plan instead of moping(!) around the house. Children pick up on our vibes subconsciously and may project them too.

Reference the image below for some practical ideas on how to create a positive and encouraging approach to life:

Re-purposed from Pinterest

Parenting is a work-in-progress. We’re in this together and are constantly learning from the world around us on how to be the best versions of ourselves.

Run with these ideas to help your child develop an inspiring, encouraging yet humbling inner voice.

Do share your progress with me in the comments below!


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