Moms Who Grill: End Of Summer Recipes 

With summer coming to a close and school quickly approaching, we should all savor these last few weeks with some fun outdoor dinners. Grilling can be intimidating to some, but can be simple with the right recipes. You don’t need a fancy grill to create the below dishes. Any gas or charcoal grill will do!

Here are some of my favorite grill ideas for end of summer.

Serving a crowd:

If you are serving a crowd and need a simple grill dish that will appease everyone, kebab skewers are your best bet! You can make a large variety of kebabs filled with shrimp, chicken, beef, vegetables, onions or potatoes. Creating your own at home gives you the freedom to pack the skewers full of your goodies of choice or hit up your local HEB to purchase fresh pre-made ones.  

Side Dish:

Looking for a refreshing side dish that isn’t just another boring salad? Try this grilled corn salad with cilantro honey lime vinaigrette. This recipe is super easy, quick and has so much flavor! It can be made ahead of time and then dressed right before it’s time to eat. I always add avocado to this salad because avocado goes on everything around here!

Meatless Monday option:

Does your family participate in meatless days throughout the week? If you are looking for a new meatless idea, try grilled portobello mushroom burgers! They are just as hearty as a normal burger so you aren’t left feeling hungry but still lean and clean. Creating a massive topping and condiment bar is the best part! Then everyone can customize theirs as they like it. If you are looking for a healthier option or are gluten free, ditch the bun and go for a lettuce wrap instead.   

Kids favorite:

Cooking pizzas on the grill is one of our favorite grill options. If we have the extra time making our own pizza dough, rolling them out and playing with flour is so fun. When time is limited and we are looking for quick, we typically use any store bought pizza crusts. HEB has so many options including thin crust, wheat, gluten free, etc. Pro tip: if you have a pizza stone, put the stone on the grill when you preheat it. With the extra heat time, the stone becomes extra hot and will leave your crust extra crispy and delicious.

Dessert on the grill:

Grilled berry pie…yes, you read that right! You can truly create a delicious pie on your grill. When that Austin heat is still strong and you need a dessert, but don’t want to turn on your oven look no further! Create a pie with whatever fruit you have at home (fresh or frozen) and store bought pie crusts, this recipe is easy peasy! Top with vanilla ice cream or whip cream and you are sure to impress.

What are your favorite grill recipe? Happy grillin’ 🙂


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