My Kids LOVE Diapers

Y’all, my kids love diapers. Maybe I pushed them too soon. Both my kiddos are summer babies and the pressure to have them potty trained before 3 year old preschool starts is real! But maybe it has nothing to do with how old they are and has to do with the fact they really don’t care about the sagging, soggy diaper taped to their hips. Either way, I AM OVER IT. My, now, 7 year old managed to figure it all out right before school started (sorta). There is hope still for my daughter, its still June, right?

Please don’t leave comments about how your 18 month old was potty trained in three days, my heart can’t take it.

And please refrain from telling me, “I’ve never met a kid who went to college in diapers!” My eyes will roll so far back in my head, I won’t be able to see for a few minutes. First of all, that’s A LONG FREAKIN’ WAY OFF. Second of all, in what world is that a helpful anecdote?

I need her to be potty trained now.

As much as I am not looking forward to going into every single restroom in every single building we set foot in for the next six months, it beats changing her after she’s crouched down in the corner to poop in “secret.” We actually had a good thing going for a couple days. I had snacks on snacks and juice on juice and the DVR was working overtime on Nick Jr. I canceled all ideas of plans to prepare for our potty training stay-cation. She made some progress, so on day three we ventured to the pool. After drinking one-third of our neighborhood pool’s water, she came down with a doozy of a stomach bug and back to diapers we went. Now she struts around like she defeated potty training and is even more reluctant to sit on the potty. I learned from my son that forcing the potty issue just results in MORE power struggles, such as not pooping for at least a week, for several months at a time. That’s a story I cannot retell at this time, its much too traumatic in my current life season.

Don’t get me wrong, I know I’m not perfect here. I get frustrated and lose the ability (after the fourth accident in two days) to keep my smiling “Thats OK, Honey!” face and tone in tact. The 3 Day Potty Training book says to make them sit on the potty every 15 minutes. HAHA! I can’t make my daughter do anything every 15 minutes of the day. Except for maybe shriek at the top of her lungs. Did you also know, you’re supposed to wake the child up half way through the night for a trip to the potty? Yes, it says to wake the beautiful, slumbering child and escort them to the bathroom at roughly 1AM.

Nope. I am not about that life.

My children sleep until 6:30am on a good day, I’m not waking her up to sit on the toilet at 1:30AM. #sorrynotsorry 

I don’t care if she wears a diaper/pull-up to bed for another 18 months. I’m just asking her to make it to the potty in broad daylight. Like all things, consistency is key. We will give this another “go” (heh-heh) in a couple weeks. I’m sure she won’t go to college in diapers, she might even make to kindergarten sans Pampers! 



  1. Oh CAITLIN, I love your blogs! As a mother of four sons, I can empathize with you. Actually, all were potty trained by the time they went to kindergarten, which in “our day” was age 5. They were potty trained, but never were traind to “aim” correctly!!! Love from your grandmother in law. 😍

  2. She did it! She uses the potty. She was even out of pull ups at night just a couple months later too.
    Be consistent and calm, they’ll figure it out!
    Good luck!

  3. This story breaks my heart. I am so sorry you had to go through that, it scarred me emotionally and now i cannot feel how i used too. Poor you. Live a good life again, i am so sorry. i wish the best for you, i love you.


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