The Perfect August Day In ATX

The month of August and I have a love hate relationship. For starters, its my birthday month, which some people may get excited about. However, I would rather NOT continue to get one year older every 12 months. I would like to keep the glowing skin from my twenties, and not feel like every time I eat a slice of pizza its going to go right to my biscuits (my kids cute word for their bottoms). But the inevitable is there, and we all must continue to get older, unfortunately. I do not really care for my birthday, however, I like for it to be a big deal! Thats right, I am one of those people that thinks that my date of birthday should be a month long celebration. And because I have an incredible husband who usually spoils me rotten on the daily basis anyways, I usually get extra special treatment during the month of August, which is pretty great I must admit! 

Luckily for me, I live in the greatest city in the USA, which means there are endless amounts of great things to do, eat, and see, even in the extreme heat that we Texans experience in the month of August.


So here is my list for the perfect day in August…

  1. Brunch PLEASE!! Who doesn’t love a great brunch. Its just an incredible way to experience innovative recipes, from amazing restaurants,  of the best meal of the day. Breakfast….or Lunch! Which one is your favorite? The combination of meals is the perfect collaboration of deliciousness. And Austin has an endless amounts of fantastic brunch menus to choose from all over town. Some of my favorites include Jack Allens, The Grove, and Trudy’s if you are needing a Tex-Mex fix. I have not been fortunate enough to experience all of the great brunch hot spots, yet, but next locations include Holy Roller, and Jacoby’s, which I hear are incredible.
  2. Beat the heat with a splash! Because the Texas heat can sometimes be unbearable, and August is generally our hottest month of the year, it is hard to be in the great outdoors without it involving water. Luckily though, there are great locations to have beautiful scenery of being outside in this beautiful city, while being cooled off at the same time. For example, swimming at Barton Springs Pool, finding a great splash pad around town for the littles, going paddle boarding or kayaking in Town Lake, and visiting the newest Austin water attraction, Lake Travis Waterloo Adventures. All of these places are family friends, and great for all ages! 
  3. Indoor Adventures! If water isn’t really your thing, however, there are great in
    The Coop

    door options for a whole family in, or around town. The Thinkery is a interactive children’s museum that can keep the kiddos busy, while keeping their brains active. There is also another great location just outside of town in Johnson City, called the Science Mill. They have great activities for kids of all ages. The Coop is a great option for indoor play. But if you are wanting a little more entertainment for yourself, while still being able to hang with the family, Alamo Draft House is the way to go! What can be better than being in an authentic Austin location, while having the option to sit in the air conditioned theater and enjoying delicious food and drinks?

  4. Treats for Mom! We all need a little more self-care as a mom. We give all of ourselves to our families and usually put ourselves in last place…you know, when there is finally “time” to do something to treats ourselves. So, thats why I have learned that unless I set the time for myself ahead of time, it just wont get done. The phrase “self-care” is different for everyone, but for me, its all about relaxation and rejuvenation. That can be done in a few ways, but for me, my top three options are a manicure and pedicure from Peppermint Pedi Parlor, a Massage from Milk + Honey, or a great Yoga session. 
  5. Date Night! A perfect ending to a perfect day would end with some quality time with the husband. Having littles, sometimes that can be difficult – finding and paying for a sitter being the primary struggle. But it is SO necessary for every relationship to have that one on one time. And its actually my personal favorite thing to do! For us, we LOVE food! And exploring new and delicious restaurants is one of my favorite things to do with my favorite person. Being in Austin, there is always a great new place to try out! However, the Austin staples, like Matt’s El Rancho, are pretty great too! One of our other favorite things to do is to catch a movie at either Moviehouse & Eatery, or Alamo Draft House. And if that doesn’t sound appealing enough for you, there is always great live music to sit and listen to in the “Live Music Capital of the World.” One of the best concert venues here in Austin is the Austin City Limits Live at The Moody Theater. There truly is not a bad seat in the house, and because its such a legendary theater, there are always amazing artists to see. 
  6. Blues On the Green! If finding a sitter for the kids isn’t an option, making the end of the perfect August day a family event. Blues on the Green is a FREE event at Zilker Park where you can sit back, relax, and hear great music. 

So whatever your idea of the perfect August day would be, there are always great options for the whole family, or maybe just for some great adult time, here in the best city in the World….Austin, TX.


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