Prepping For Back To School

Not to be the bearer of bad news here, but, summer vacation is rapidly coming to an end. Like this week. It’s time to start thinking about sending those kids back to school! Whether you are r-e-a-d-y for school, or you’re sentimental and sappy (like me) and aren’t thrilled about them being gone all day…you’ve got to get ready for that first day. Here are some back to school tips that have made the start of the year easier on our family.

Buy Your School Supplies – Early

Hopefully, you did not wait until the week before school starts (if you did not purchase supplies early, tuck this tip away for next year.). If your school offers the ability to order your supplies online, I recommend going this route. It is generally a small fundraiser for the school and you get everything you need, in one box, delivered to you (or your school). A lot of supplies in younger grades are communal, so don’t worry about picking a color of scissors, pencils, etc. We order our supplies and I let my kids pick out the one or two items that aren’t communal. The big takeaway here is, don’t wait – get on Amazon, over to Target/Wal-Mart, etc. and start stocking up!

Homework Caddy

While you’re purchasing supplies, pick up a few extras to have at home. I like having a plastic caddy with everything my daughter needs for homework, in one place. Scratch paper, scissors, glue sticks, crayons, pencils, eraser, etc. This is kept separate from art supplies and made homework really convenient.

Get in a Routine

If you have late sleepers, consider slowly pushing up their wakeup time the week before school starts. We started this when my oldest began kindergarten and it has been really helpful. The week before school starts, I will gradually start waking her earlier and have her get dressed. This way, on the first day of school she is not (too) cranky about having to get up so early.

First Day of School Pics

I am a big fan of first and last day of school pics. I am also a fan of taking these the weekend before school starts. Listen, that first day…it can get a little hectic, despite all my best efforts to prepare the night before, we seem to be a little hurried getting out the door. We have started taking our pics the weekend before – it gives my daughter a chance to try on her whole outfit (which she loves) and take a relaxed pic. We use a large chalkboard for our pics, but check out Pinterest for some really cute photo ideas and printables.

Start (or continue) a Tradition

We go out for pancakes on Meet the Teacher day (hello, pancake flight at Snooze!). We look forward to it every year and it makes the day feel really special. There are lots of easy and simple traditions that can you can start around the beginning of the school year. Some ideas could include making a special breakfast or dinner on the first day of school, or planning a fun activity with your kids right before school starts, make a school-themed dessert at home, etc.


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