Please Excuse My Disaster, I Mean…House

As I write this I’m looking around my living room and wondering how on earth it looks like a tornado hit it?  Literally, toys, books, dolls, clothes… things are strewn about as though a tornado touched down and wreaked havoc in this small space.

Snow day Book-a-thon!

It’s not always been like this, I swear!  While I’ve never been what some may consider a neat freak, we’ve generally kept a tidy house.  Sure, neither of us are great about getting to the stack of mail, heck, we’ve been known to just not check our mail for quite a while.  I mean let’s be honest, most of it is junk mailers anyway and I’m in no rush to get that!  But other than some mail that needs to be gone through or it being laundry day and needing to get a bunch of clothes folded and hung up, our home used to stay fairly neat.  We enjoyed this bliss for many years all the while yearning for the chaos that children can bring.

Just moving through the chaos!


Then our own little Harper entered the world, aka the Harpnado! 

That girl can create a mess in mere seconds!  When we brought her home our living room exploded with all sorts of baby gadgets.  And since you never know exactly which room you may need which item in, well, we had STUFF everywhere!  A cradle and full changing table in our room, a Rock ‘n Play, swing, play mat for tummy time, books and infant toys scattered the living room and the kitchen?  Oh the kitchen, the bottles and eventually other feeding supplies.  It was madness and left us both feeling like we couldn’t keep up.  Fortunately, we have had wonderful help in actually keeping our house clean so although it’s still a mess, it’s a clean mess! 😊


Who doesn’t need a tunnel in the middle of the living room????

Just as we moved past the infant stage and replaced baby equipment with more toys, riding toys, blocks, more and more books, Emmycane hit our home!  With Harper in full on toddlerhood we had a decent routine that included cleaning up toys and books in the evening and bottles were no longer forever stored on the drying rack on the kitchen counter.  But then little sister came along and all the baby gear was out again.  This time it was accompanied by toddler toys.  Emmy is the hurricane to Harper’s tornado. 

These tiny tots get into everything and generally love making messes!


I know there are families out there that do a much better job than us at controlling the mess, and cheers to you!  I try hard not to beat myself up about this and instead, focus on the fun we’re having and the fantastic opportunity it’s given us to teach the girls how to pick up after themselves, ha ha ha!  


One day I hope we’ll be back to a neater home where the toys and books are contained in bedrooms or a playroom but until then… BLESS THIS MESS!


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