Insta-Worthy Austin Mural Guide

One of my most favorite things about living in Austin? The artsy, counter-culture vibe. We have this incredible opportunity to teach our kids that weird is okay, that different is good, and that art and music are to be celebrated. You see, where I grew up, it was only the “weird kids” that were super into the arts and being the weird kid certainly wasn’t a positive descriptor. I’ll be honest, it wasn’t even until I was in college that I started to develop a genuine appreciation for art, both formally and informally (having your bestie and roommate become a fine art major and go on to become a wildly successful artist helped tremendously with that one!).

When I first moved to Austin from Ohio, I was drawn to all the street art and the gorgeous murals I kept stumbling upon. There is so much beauty in this city and the best part (okay, one of the best parts) is that it’s all totally kid-friendly! Just because you’ve got your littles in tow doesn’t mean you can’t have a photoshoot that’s totally Instagram-worthy. In fact, my littles LOVE admiring downtown murals. Time to clean up your social media feed and #doitforthegram.

Here are some of the most insta-worthy murals around Austin:

I Love You So Much

Where: Joe’s Coffee, 1300 S. Congress Ave.

Why we love it: I mean… it doesn’t get more iconic Austin than this one! I’ve had quite a few out of town guests insist this is one of our sight-seeing destinations specifically for the photo-op. Have you see the lines to snap a pic?! Whether you’re with your littles, your significant other, or your girls, this one is definitely a classic.

Smile! Even if You Don’t Want To

Where: South Congress and Elizabeth St.

Why we love it: Pretty sure we could all use this reminder now and again, am I right? Coupled with the fact that this wall is right off South Congress near the Hey Cupcake! Trailer, this one is a real winner in my book! This one is really good for ornery toddlers, because of the saying (read: toddler attitudes) but also because it’s a lower wall.

Greetings from Austin, Texas

Where: 1720 S. 1st St.

Why we love it: This year we celebrate 20 years with this classical mural! Based on a postcard, this one will leave no question where you’re taking your photo from. On the corner of South 1st, this mural is in an adorable area filled with bright colors, cute shops, and great food.

Photo Credit: Kendra Germenis

Hi, How Are You?

Where: Guadalupe and 21st St.

Why we love it: This iconic Austin mural has been around since the early 90’s and has become a true staple! You’ve probably seen it on everything from t-shirts to coasters to baby onesies. The cute, yet odd little frog (formally named Jeremiah the Innocent) gives us all the Austin vibes.

Photo Credit: Kendra Germenis

Love is the Answer

Where: Rock Rose at the Domain

Why we love it: For our minimalist mamas, this black and white mural is adorable and perfect for a quick pic between shopping or before dinner. The simple colors will make sure that YOU are the star of this photo (#winning), and the cute message can make for an adorable profile picture or cover photo!

Photo Credit: Erin Ruoff, Hi Lovely blog

Living the Good Life

Where: 1114 E. Cesar Chavez St.

Why we love it: This one is an adorable photo op, screaming positivity with it’s bright colors and it’s optimistic saying. This one always seems to be dead when we see it, which is great for photo ops! Keep in mind, however, that this one is pretty close to the street, so you’ll want to keep an eye on any rogue little ones running around.

You’re my Butter Half

Where: 2000 E. MLK Jr. Blvd.

Why we love it: This little hidden gem is off the beaten path and away from tons of traffic, so you’ll probably have the spot to yourself. Painted on the side of the United Way Building, you’ll have time to jump, hug, and pose your way to #instafamous.

Photo Credit: Kendra Germenis

Willie for President

Where: 1423 S Congress Ave. (the South side of STAG)

Why we love it: I’m not sure if Willie loves Austin more or Austin loves Willie more, but I DO know that this mural rocks! The bright colors scream “fun” and Willie screams “Austin”, so head down to STAG and snap a pic at this classic.

Photo Credit: Melanie Applegate Photography

Love/Heart Wall

Where: 1401 S Congress Ave.

Why we love it: ALL. THE. COLORS! This one is so pretty, it makes my girly girl heart sing. For whatever reason this one gives us a real Spring/Summer vibe, so it’s the perfect time to snap a pic with this one.

Photo Credit: Venus Trapped in Mars blog

Love from Austin

Where: 1912 S Congress Ave. (on the side of Prima Dora)

Why we love it: This matte black and white mural gives us an artsy, romantic vibe that we’re loving. A total contrast from most of the other murals on the list, this one is definitely Instagram-worthy! This one will put most of the focus on you, like the “Love is the Answer” mural in the Domain, but let’s everyone know exactly where you are! So. Stinkin. Cute.

Photo Credit: Melanie Applegate Photography

What’s your favorite insta-worthy Austin mural? Tag us on Facebook and Instagram so we can see what kind of magic you capture! 


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