Guide to Round Top / Warrenton Antiques Week

If you are from anywhere in Texas, mainly Central-ish Texas, or anywhere else that enjoys to hunt and dig for treasures then you know about Round Top Antiques Week.  It is a giant marketplace with hundreds of dealers ready to sell their collectable, vintage, antique as well as handmade items.  Actually, you name it, you can find it. 

If you have never heard of antiques week in Round Top and it peaks your creative mind then you are in for a treat! 

I promise it will not disappoint, especially if you use our mini guide to help make your experience outstanding, rain or shine.

So grab your mama tribe OR your mama OR your hubby OR your sweet self (if you need some much needed me time) and take a drive East on 290 towards these two little quaint Texas towns, Round Top and Warrenton. 


| The show only happens twice a year, Spring (end of March, beginning of April) and Fall (end of September, beginning of October).  Yep, that means you never know what kind of weather you are going to get…heck its Texas so do we ever know?    

| Each season of antiques week spans about 2 weeks or 15 days.  However, as the show has grown, many vendors set up in advance in the fields for early birds as well as other vendors to shop.   There are also a lot of shows that do not open until the last week and only open for that short time and even shorter. (See calendar below)

| Most shows are open from 9am to 5pm, however, different vendors may open earlier and close once the last customer leaves.  Some of the shows have an entry fee and others do not.  Click on the below links to view the list of shows…if you see a $ under the date next to the show then they charge a fee.

September 2018 Antiques Weekend Calendar

October 2018 Antiques Weekend Calendar

| I cannot write about Round Top / Warrenton without mentioning the influential Junk Gypsy sisters.  Please tell me who have heard of these amazing gals?  Amie and Jolie are intelligent, adventurous, as well as outspoken with a little spice, a little savory, and a little sweet.  They make no apologies.  They find old things and make them new or re-purpose them and decorate Junk Gypsy style.  They started out in a booth in Warrenton and now have their own building full of eclectic merchandise including brand tees.  They both live in Round Top and even have a show on the GAC (Good American Country – Cable Channel) as well as design for Pottery Barn Teen!

Goals and Timing:

| Think about why you want to go…  Are you looking for that perfect eclectic piece that will complete your living room?  Are you just going to trek around with your bestie and help her find that perfect piece?  Are you searching for little decorative knickknacks that speak your language?  Do you have to get the very best deal on an item no matter what the item is for?  Let’s be honest, do you really need a reason to go? 

| The smaller crowds will be there from Monday through Thursday so if you need some breathing room on your adventure then that is the best time.  The early birds, meaning the first week, have the first pick however they might pay a premium price and vendors will be less negotiable.  If you want the best deal then go towards the end of the show, however, the selection won’t be as selective. 

| Marburger Farms and the Big Red Barn are just a few big shows that cost to get in, however, include parking and cover the whole time they are open.  These vendors are very organized inside the air-conditioned building.  A lot of them are higher-end so you will be paying a premium price for these nice pieces.  Some European items.  You will get what you pay for if you are willing to pay. 

| The vendors throughout the large fields in Warrenton and even into Round Top are very diverse including “junk” vendors where you can pick things from old truck bumpers to old rusty ovens as well as farmhouse chic vendors who redo vintage furniture in classic Magnolia style white/black as well as fun bright colors. 

It is all in the thrill of the hunt out in the fields.  So if that is up your alley then go for it and have a blast!

What to Wear and Bring:

| Check the weather, but as I said earlier, is it really predictable in Texas?   Either Fall or Spring, it will most likely be a little humid and a little hot and possibly wet. 

| Wear layers.  Jeans that you can roll up if needed or shorts that can breathe.  Also, a simple chic jean jacket can go a long way with cooler mornings and hotter afternoons.

| Wear whatever speaks your language.  Some groups wear tiaras and tutus, cowboy boots…anything gypsy chic.  Make your own shirts so you know when you see your own clan.                                                                                  

| Shoes…well, take a change of shoes…preferably closed toe shoes…your running shoes, chic tennies, or even rain boots.  Keep your extra pair in the car or throw them in your reusable bag.

| Grab that small, easily in and out chic little side strap purse/bag of yours to keep your wallet and necessary items in.  Or a mini backpack, or fanny pack.  Yes, fanny packs can be cool…especially if you find a fun eclectic one.  Just be hands free so you can dig and deal easily. 

| CASH IS KING – yes, most vendors these days accept cards however cash will always and forever be king.  Remember most vendors are doing this for a living and credit card companies charge them a fee so they might give you a better deal if you pay with cash. 

| Cell phones May Or May Not get much service out there so always have a meet up spot and time if you lose your group.  You may not always want to go the same direction but if you need to find your ride then you need to find your tribe.


| Parking is typically free if you go to one of the paid interior buildings, however, if you are venturing out in the fields then you can find parking in fields for maybe $5-$10.  Worth it to pay especially if they are in between sections or areas. 

| In Warrenton, there is a Diamond Shamrock gas station…if you enter down the dirt road along the side of it then there is parking back there.  Then you can unload when needed in between purchases.  Side note: some people take small wire foldable carts to put items in as they go…or large reusable bags.  Most vendors will allow you to come back and pick up a large item right before closing to load in your car/truck/SUV.  Make sure they put a nice big SOLD sign on it as you skip away with glee.


Where to Stay:

| From Austin, it is about an hour and a half (give or take) drive down 290 East so not so bad as far as making a day trip out of it.  However, if you want to make a vacay out of your hunting fun then there is plenty of B&Bs around the area especially with Air BNB these days.  Also, Round Top has homes to rent as well.  Book early if you want to stay close.

Where/What to Eat:

| There are many, and I mean many fabulous places to eat in among the vendors.  You will not have to go far to fill your bellies with some good old small town grub. 

| If this is your first time, then you have to check out Royers Round Top Café.  The café is very small so the wait is long, however, worth it to eat some good ole time country cooking.  Then grab one of his famous pies…yes, they are famous and delicious.  The Texas Trash pie is THE BEST!  Get in my belly – yum!

| Check out Zapp Hall in Warrenton for a shrimp BLT, the line might be long but it is worth the wait.

| If you need a little afternoon pick-me-up…find a precious little food truck serving something sweet such as a home-made ding dong…that is right…I said ding dong…and they serve it in a Chinese takeout container. 

| If you need something to cool you down, then find the frozen sweet tea in Dillard Field or a frozen lemonade.

| If a freshening brewsky is what keeps you moving, then you can find little huts around the area that serve it ice cold…just bring your koozie to keep it cool.

| My mother and I always stop in at a little open barn in Warrenton right off the road that serves sandwiches that are just the right size to share.  They have the best egg salad, chicken salad, BBQ sandwiches I have ever had and it is a large serving sandwiched between homemade bread…either white or wheat.  Delicious!  Comes with chips and drink.

Whether you are searching for something specific or just eager to get your hands dirty and dig or walk around gabbing with your friends while sipping on a cold one…I guarantee your Antiques Week will not disappoint.  It is something that every mama must do at least once to get a feel for this incredibly unique experience.

Shout out to my best girlfriend of all time – Kristen Ramsey in Lexington, TX for helping me out with some of the specifics!  Love you and your mama tribe. 😉  Also, thanks to my mama who is typically my Antiques Week accomplice!

Another great resource for all things Antique Weekend.

What are you tips and tricks to make Round Top & Warrenton Antiques Week outstanding?





Abigail Head
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