Best Family Drive -Thrus in Austin

Not to sound lazy, but sometimes the idea of getting out of my car to obtain food seems like a Herculean effort. You know the feeling – the thought of wrestling your kids out of the car/waking a sleeping baby/putting on pants . . . seems like too much to ask.

For times like these, I give you…


Best Family Drive -Thrus in Austin:

P Terry’s  – the drive-thru against which all others will be measured. Their burgers and fries consistently win awards and rave reviews, and their milk shakes are the perfect sweet treat. Add exceptional customer service – we once waited a hair too long for shakes, and they comped them all – and you’ve got a stellar drive-thru experience for the whole fam.

Baby Greens – this place combines two of my favorite things – healthy eating, and sloth. They offer custom made salads and wraps (the Rainbow is my fave), served from a drive-thru lane or walk up window. They also offer kid-friendly options that even the biggest burger devotees will love. Picnic tables for dining al fresco on nice days.

Torchy’s  – drive-thru queso. Full stop. The Spicewood Springs location of this Austin institution let’s you pick up that taco of the month goodness from the comfort of your vehicle.

Sala & BettyThey put the French fries ON their sandwiches, y’all. They also serve breakfast (brunch is only served on Saturday from 10:30am to 2pm), lunch and dinner in their dining room or via an old school drive-thru window. Great options for kids – try the Wolfie’s Plate – and fresh takes on sandwiches for grownups.

Fly Rite – look, I’ve answered the siren’s song of Chic-Fil-A now and again, but supporting this local chicken joint feels good. Try the cowboy sandwich with a watermelon limeade chaser, delivered to your car in record time. Bonus points for better-for-you ingredients and a portion of profits going toward AISD nutrition programs.

Shipley Donuts – Delicious donuts and coffee, served through your car window. Can’t beat it.

Panera – I initially thought this was an urban legend, but no.  If you’re ever in the Pflugerville area, check out the drive-thru unicorn – Panera. Yummy salads for you, and bomb mac and cheese for your littles.

Schlotsky’s – when you just need some drive-thru pizza. Pro tip: ask for extra sauce. Lots of great options on the kids menu too.

El Tacorrido – if loving drive-thru breakfast tacos is wrong, I don’t wanna be right.

No pants required.

What are your favorite local drive thrus? Tell us in the comments. 


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