Guide To A Mom’s Lazy Day

I don’t know about you, but I barely survived summer. Whether you are a working mom or stay at home mom, summer can be extremely difficult: camp scheduling and figuring out pick up and drop off, having NO me time or personal space, bedtime and routine tends to be thrown out of the window. And don’t get me started on the snack situation.

Now that school is back in, I feel like moms can breathe a little easier, and take time for themselves. There is no time for a haircut, spa appointment, OB or dentist visit for moms in the summer.

Here is my guide for a mom’s lazy day:

First: Don’t touch any laundry, dishes, cleaning supplies or prepare any meals. Yes this will be hard to do, but if you are really taking time for yourself you should step away from all mom duties and just enjoy doing things you love. I am guessing there isn’t a mother in the world that loves laundry?!

Second: Don’t make appointments, don’t pay bills- let yourself be really free from responsibility just for a single day. You can handle all administrative tasks the next day They will still be there, I promise

Third: Pick what you love to do and schedule it for that day- a spin class, a massage, a shopping trip to The Domain, walking South Congress for fun, running around Town Lake. Make the day all about you things you love to do but rarely get to.

Fourth: Treat yourself to lunch whether it be in a restaurant or delivered to your home. Having someone make a meal for you while you enjoy a book or surf your phone is such a treat for someone who always prepares meals for everyone.  Anyone already sick of packing school lunch?

Fifth: Make sure you have lined up your favorite tv programs and binge watch for a portion of your day. Or read a new book that you have dying to crack open. Write that AMB blog post you have been unable to get to all summer (ahem). Call a friend you haven’t talked to all summer. 

MOST IMPORTANT STEP: DO NOT FEEL GUILTY. As mothers we are conditioned to feel guilty when we do things for ourselves. Why? We are constantly switching roles all day long: caregiver, nurse, therapist, class mom, sports mom, teacher, cook, housekeeper, driver, lifeguard, and on and on. Moms are the queens- no, KINGS- of the switch-change and we need down time to feel whole again. No one can do it all, all the time, but as you know moms don’t ever get a vacation. Carve our your own lazy, me-time and you will be a better, more patient mom for it. I speak from tons of experience. 

How do you like to spend your lazy mom time?




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