Creating A Budget Friendly Thanksgiving Tablescape

Thanksgiving is fast approaching. Creating a fantastic fall tablescape can be extremely time consuming, overwhelming and expensive. Who needs another task when you are already cooking a feast and hosting family for the holiday! Below are my pro tips for creating a delightful tablescape without breaking the bank.

First things first, start with a theme or overall look.  Guests can feel intimidated if the table is too stuffy. Warm it up and make it feel more casual with fall colors, warm details and fun accents. Going more traditional fall or modern fall? Once you’ve nailed down your theme, you can start with the fun details.

Tablecloth vs. table runner. If your dining table is already appealing, go with a table runner. The visibility of the wood will give an added look of warmth.  I found an affordable table runner on Amazon which was a bargain find even cheaper than Target or Home Goods.If you are hosting a large family and plan to use folding tables to accommodate the amount of guests, look to use a full tablecloth. This will give you a blank slate to start with.

Variations in height are key to creating a visually appealing table. Staggering different levels of vases, candles or flowers help create dimension. Depth keeps the table looking interesting without looking flat and boring. I purchased a tiered candle holder as the center focal point for my table. Finding this Hearth & Hand Magnolia collection candle holder on sale at Target was a big score! Building around this gives me direction to achieve my overall look.

The easiest and cheapest thing to fill your table is with flowers, foliage and greenery. I chose to go with traditional autumn leaves as well as added greenery to create a bold look. Individual pieces of foliage can give you more flexibility to build around various objects. Play around with what works best with the look you are trying to achieve. The Dollar Tree, Michaels and Hobby Lobby, will be your best bet for options within budget.

Miscellaneous add-ons can tie the table together and give you a polished look. Ideas are anything from pumpkins, gourds, to tea light candles, or personalized place cards. I found plush suede mini pumpkins in the dollar corner at Target. I nabbed a few in each color to add texture to my table. Smaller farmhouse style tea light candle holders from the Dollar Tree enhance the ambiance and give my guests that cozy home feel. Symmetry is your friend when it comes to a beautiful tablescape.  Balance the large elements and then sprinkle in fun accents, get creative.

Hoping your holiday is filled with food, family and fun!

Amazon table runner: $14

Magnolia candle holder: $17

Leaves & greenery: $6

Target suede mini pumpkins: $6

Dollar Tree tea light holders & candles: $5

Total to create Thanksgiving tablescape: $48


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