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Four Reasons Why Springfree Trampoline Is THE Gift of the Season

The holidays are just around the corner though we’re sure some kiddos probably started making wish lists back in October. Between hosting holiday parties, attending school events, baking, cooking and prepping for all your delicious meals, all while trying to get 5 minutes of “me time” – the holidays can be stressful for so many parents. Combine all of that with trying to carve out quality family time and the holidays can start to feel like one big to-do list.

Sometimes we forget the season goes beyond finding the “perfect” gifts for everyone on your list or decorating the halls— with balls of holly of course! — and that the best part is how it brings together your loved ones from near and far. This year, we’re making gift giving a little easier by sharing the perfect gift from Springfree Trampoline that the entire family can enjoy together and make memories that last beyond the season.

We’re most excited for the holidays and to spend time with my family, eat, celebrate and reflect on the year. Even though there is a lot of madness surrounding the season, there is always so much to be thankful for. Instead of picking out dozens of small gifts that kids might play with for a few weeks, consider an option like Springfree Trampoline that you’ll not only feed good about but can all enjoy together for years to come.

Reason 1: Have fun together at home, anytime  

Having a Springfree Trampoline helps your family to get outside and be active together year-round. It’s a gift everyone from an active grandmother to a five-year-old can use and creates a fun way to spend quality time together at home all while exercising and having a blast. Because let’s be honest, kids aren’t the only ones who need to burn off a little steam some days. A recent study Springfree conducted found that 64 percent of parents said that children are interested in toys longer when they involve playing with multiple people in the family. That means a Springfree Trampoline is the perfect holiday gift that will really hold its value!   


Reason 2: Enjoy it year-round

Springfree Trampoline is designed to be enjoyed all year round! Beyond jumping, it’s perfect for enjoying a fun camping night with sleeping bags, drawing on with chalk or even provide the perfect seat for movie night outside with a projector. And even on those colder days, kids can throw on an extra layer and go jump to help burn off the winter stir-crazies. Really, the options on a Springfree are endless!

Reason 3: Springfree is safe and provides peace of mind  

The best part about Springfree is its patented safety design that eliminates all significant risks usually associated with trampoline injuries which takes one thing off your list to stress out about this holiday season. We love that Springfree doesn’t have springs and instead uses flexible composite rods built into a hidden frame beneath the surface so there’s nothing hard to hit or pinch toes and feet. Springfree also has a flexible safety enclosure that keeps everyone safely on the trampoline! Plus, it’s built to last and even comes with a 10-year warranty meaning they replace the entire trampoline if anything happens to it! Talk about a good value!

Reason 4: Test it First!

Did you know Springfree has a store locally at The Domain and a temporary location at Bee Cave until the end of the year where you can actually go test its trampolines? Each location has trampoline experts who will show you the ins and outs of Springfree Trampolines to help you choose the right one for your family! Springfree even offers delivery and installation services to take all the work out of gift giving! And to top of the excitement, Springfree is running a seasonal deal right now for three free accessories when you buy a trampoline.  All you’ll need is a big red bow!

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  1. What I found is that Springfree trampolines are safe as compared to other spring-based trampoline. Some times spring-based trampoline hit or injure the jumper therefore this is the reason people like springfree trampolines.


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