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Why We Love Aspen Snowmass

We love Texas, but one place we love almost as much is Colorado. From the cool crisp air to the gorgeous scenery, visiting Colorado is our family’s happy place. Not to mention, it’s so easy to get to! We’ve made the drive a few times and we’ve also flown, but regardless our family has made so many memories in Colorado! This will be our 3rd ski season over the winter break at Aspen Snowmass – we love it so much that we have vowed to make this an annual tradition around the holidays. If you’ve never been on a family ski trip, it might be easier than you ever thought. Here are the things we love about Aspen Snowmass!!

  • The Mountains ::

    The great thing about visiting the Aspen area is that there are several mountains to choose from with different schools, different terrains, different restaurants, etc. You have the option to ski Aspen Mountain, Buttermilk, Aspen Highlands, or Snowmass – all are amazing and it really comes down to preference and skill level. Or you can mix it up and spend time at each of the mountains! I did not grow up skiing and probably need some major lessons, BUT I’m mostly able to make it down Snowmass. 

  • Ski School 

    Okay I’m going spend a lot of time here, because the Buttermilk and Snowmass ski schools are amazing! Just like there are different mountains, there are 2 different ski schools to choose from. Our kids have ski’d through both programs and for older kids, they’re pretty equal. If you have a little one that isn’t quite potty-trained or is an infant, you definitely want to spend your time at Snowmass as they can accommodate the babies. We were so apprehensive about putting our 6 month old in the day care when we visited our very 1st year, but were immediately put at ease with the amazing staff and kid to child ratio. The best thing about ski school is that they are meeting new friends, learning to ski {duh}, being active, and are getting to hang with the coolest instructors that you can just tell genuinely love kids. The final best thing about ski school is that you get to go and let loose knowing your kids are in awesome care and either have some R&R, date your spouse, hang with friends, or just go read a book. Either way, from 9 am “ish” to 3 pm “ish” you get to be YOU… the person you were before kids! 

  • Breathtaker Alpine Coaster

    If skiing isn’t you’re thing or you’re just looking for a break, the Breathtaker Alpine Coaster is AH-mazing! Riders will wind their way through over a mile of forest on an elevated track at speeds of up to 28mph. Located adjacent to the Elk Camp Restaurant, riders and passengers will able to experience the thrilling ride during the day, during special Ullr Nights, or select Après extended hours.

  • Budget Friendly

    Aspen Snowmass is constantly running deals and offering specials on lift tickets. Due to there being several mountains, there are also various accommodations options. It’s great to travel with another family, because you can look into renting a house. We’ve found that renting a townhome is awesome for our family, because we can have our normal routine in the morning and not make breakfast a big production. There are grocery stores all over so when we first arrive, we make a grocery run and get all of our normal stuff to be successful in the townhome.

  • Kid-Friendly

    The kids are what make this trip so incredible! Since we don’t get a lot of snow in Texas {if any at all}, seeing their little faces light up with the excitement of snow is priceless. Sure there are a few restaurants that you may want to plan a date night or date lunch, but for the most part every restaurant accommodates little ones.

  • Snowmass Base Village Development

    Located at the base of Snowmass Ski Area in the heart of Snowmass Village is having their grand opening on December 15th. The development has added lodging, residences, restaurants, retail, and amenities to the world-class resort. There is now an ice skating rink, cozy fire pits, and community building.

Aspen Snowmass is THE one thing we look forward to every year. We didn’t start out on this adventure for it to become an annual tradition, but the experience was so memorable for all of us that we are now 100% an Aspen Snowmass family! We hope to see YOU on the mountains this coming winter.


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