Best Stocking Stuffers For Toddlers

Stocking stuffers can often feel like an afterthought when it comes to the ginormous holiday shopping list that takes priority. For most kids, the bigger the toy, the better which also makes picking out small items difficult.  As a mom to a toddler, I try to avoid going straight to sweet treats. She will get plenty of candy, cookies and lollipops from her Grandparents. Avoiding junky items and clutter was tougher than I thought. Below I have curated a list of valuable stocking stuffers for your little ones! 

Bonus: EVERYTHING on this list is available on Amazon Prime! No need to head to Target again to rummage through the dollar section.


  1. ABC Flashcards $2.99 – an easy way to work on the alphabet with your little ones
  2. Numbers Flashcards $2.99 – flashcards are small and easily transportable, take with you in the car, out to a restaurant or for quiet time
  3. First Words Flashcards $2.99 – excellent for young toddlers trying to expand their vocabulary with new everyday words
  4. Melissa & Doug Stack and Sort Board $8 – useful for help on mastering different colors and shapes, this sort board is so beneficial







Bath time:

  1. Foam Bath Letters $4.99 – foam letters that stick to the walls of the shower/bath
  2. Washable Bath Crayons $7.99 – coloring the tub walls keeps your toddlers entertained and happy
  3. Light Up Rubber Ducks $11 – create a fun disco bath party with these fun light up rubber ducks
  4. Color Bath Dropz $7 – changing the bath water a new color every night keeps bath time exciting









  1. Water Wow Coloring $4.99 – coloring without the mess of markers, this water marker is safe to color anywhere
  2. Jumbo Crayons $4.99 – no more broken crayons, these jumbo crayons can hold up to the strength of those toddler hands coloring with all their might
  3. Toddler Paint Brush Set $6.99 – no mess painting for toddlers with these handy brushes
  4. Fun Size Play-Doh Packs $4.99 – fun size play-doh packs are small and won’t cause the whole tub to dry out








Random items:

  1. Seamless Hair Ties $6.99 – somehow even with an endless supply these are always needed in our house
  2. 40 Pack of Clip In Hair Bows $10 – clip in bows are the only kind that actually stay in place, love these Amazon packs with all the colors
  3. Bulk Sticker Pack $7.99 – every kid loves some stickers and buying in bulk here means they can run through a page of them and it’s no big deal
  4. Hot Wheels Bundle of 4 Cars $7 – for those boys that love cars, you can never have too many


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